Three-Door Bunk Of Tekong

When I was doing my BMT at Tekong, I heard a lot of ghost stories of the Tekong old camp. As I was lucky to be the first patch to go to the new camp of Tekong, School 1, so nothing unusual had happened to me.

There was a story about the old camp that is about the three- door bunk that is closed. The story goes like this… There was a platoon that went for night training on Thursday, when they were going back to the camp, as usual they do their head count again. And discovered that one of man had lost from the platoon. They split into groups and went searching for the lost soldier.

After hours of searching, finally one of the soldiers found the lost soldier lying beside a small temple but all his organs had been taken out and lay out in a straight line. The dead man’s hands, legs, head, and body had been cut off and lying in a neat order there.

An officer went to pick up his body and all the lying out organs and went back to camp. As it was already too late, so the officer had to put all the cut off body and all the organs in the dead soldier’s cupboard.

After the body had been claimed back by his parent, strange things started to happen in that bunk. Every night, the dead soldier’s buddy would hear him knocking on the cupboard pleading his buddy to let him out of the cupboard. And also some other bunkmates will see him changing clothes and moving around in the bunk.

A few days later, they really can’t stand it anymore. They complained it to their officer about it and they decided to hire a Taoist to solve this problem for them. The Taoist explained that the two doors that are built on the sides of the bunk are only meant for humans so the spirit can’t go out of the bunk. The Taoist set up ritual there and drew a third door for the spirit to leave the bunk.

But after that stranger thing happened, sometimes they could see things would be moved and fly by itself. So they hired the Taoist over again. This time the Taoist said that the third door is meant for spirit to use, so any spirits could enter the bunk freely. He said it best to close down the bunk and out of bound for use.

So they closed down the bunk from that day onwards, and no one is allowed to enter that bunk again. That’s why it is called as the three- doors bunk.

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