The Ghost Of Madam Wong

For those who party alot …. read on Really very good guide for those who cheong a lot. My friend was at Mdm Wong over the weekend and it’s just another usual nitespot…. crowded, loud and…. yeah, pretty happening. The place is short of nothing but traditional chinese decors with walls painted red everywhere. It was until when he go to the backyard that he saw a very old and eerie staircase that leads up to darkness.

He couldn’t care then, but the following day, he received the below attached mail. Real coincidence……and if u want to find out how the Mdm Wong used to look like, just walk over to the other end of the row of houses (towards Wong San) and you’ll know what I meant……. For those who cheong a lot…Read on…

The following story is complied with no exaggeration from the words of mouth of my friend’s parents staying around River Valley road.

Along the now Mohd Sultan Rd lived a rich Chinese family during the pre-war period. During the Japanese Occupation, the stretch of houses along the road was seized by the Japanese soldiers and was used as their bunks, since the Japanese had set up a check-point at the junction of the roads.

Their house, in particular, being the last house along that road then, was used as a mortuary to the victims of massacre happened at the River Valley Road area.

After WWII, a rice merchant bought over the house and his mistress shifted in, since it was near to his office around Singapore River and their rendezvous would be made convenient. Two days later, the mistress was found dead with eyes wide-opened and white foams around her mouth. No signs of human inflicted or self-inflicted injuries were found and no trace of forced entry into the house. Police suggested no foul play. Her death was recorded as a result of acute heart attack although doctors were not able to determine the cause of death. This also marked the downfall of the rice merchant. His partner in business bought over this house and his whole family shifted in.

A month later, the partner and his family decided to shift out of the house and wished they had nothing to do with it any longer.. It was said that eerie noises were heard around the house every single night after mid-night throughout their entire one- month stay. Of which included weeping of women, noises produced by sudden shifting of furniture, cries of human, male or female, as if their tongues were being forcefully pulled up etc. What was more intolerable was that stench that smelled like dead rats, which filled the entire house before every daybreak. He sold the house to his friend, who were also in the rice business, at a very cheap price but by goodwill also made known to his friend that the house was haunted. The friend bought the house, noted that it was haunted, decided to use it as a rice warehouse. Coincidentally, for the first 2 consecutive years thereafter on the Lunar Seventh Month, deaths occurred. One coolie died of instant death as two 50kg rice sacks fell upon him. Another dead as a fellow coolie had the rice-sack hook punctured through across his body from his back by accident. Rumors described the coolie’s death as being possessed. Moreover, many sighted headless souls floating about the ceilings. After these accounts, the towkay decided that no works be done around the warehouse for the entire Seventh Month thereon.

When rice business stopped around Singapore River in the 80’s, the warehouse changed hands several times and for almost a decade, it had not been occupied until Mdm Wong took over. The warehouse was deliberately converted to a pub because the owner thought that with crowds of human occupying the place every night will hopefully ward away evil spirits for good. Besides, any eerie noises will be well covered by the loud music and human voices. Anyone ever felt that Mdm Wong’s has something not in the right place, or something of eerie nature/feelings? The ceilings? The toilets? The backyard? Anyone who carries a mobile phone would have noticed that reception is impossible at Mdm Wong’s. Ever wonder why? Leave this to your imagination. When you wish to make a call there. Please, do not walk out to the backyard of Mdm Wong’s (near and accessible via > the male toilet) and climb up the twisted stairs to improve your reception. Because you may not like what you will see, especially during the Lunar Seventh Month….! ….

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