Peninsula Plaza

Alrite.. itz my first time writing in… and itz about my work place at Peninsula Plaza (the office building).

As u guyz would noe, itz quite and old building.. jus take a look at the lifts n u’ll noe.. Anywayz, wat my colleagues n i encountered isn’t exactly an out of your pants kinda experience but considering dat we r all girls, we are quite freaked out by the things happening around our office after 7. Here goes:

1ST STORY. Our office is jus a small space.. n we jus moved in..there’s only 7 of us secretaries separated into two rooms.. Just a few weeks ago, four of us were still in the office after 7.. Three of us in one room and another one in the room next to ours. One of my colleague(“F”) left the room i was in and i thought she left to go to the ladies. From where i was sitting, i could still see from the corner of my eye if anyone walked past the corridor to go to the pantry which is at the back of the office. A few minutes after F left, i saw from the corner of my eye someone walking past the corridor towards the pantry and naturally i thought it was F who must have gone to the toilet and decided to go to the pantry.. as soon as the person walked past the room i was in, myself n the girl who was in the same room with me heard this loud “THUD” sound coming from the direction dat the “person” jus walked was loud enough to make us turn to each other and wonder what dropped..So i asked the girl (“J”) “Eh.. wat the heck was dat”. J being the ‘sampang china bukit’ she is replied “U ask me how i noe” We jus looked at each other n decided to ignore and continue our work..

F came back into the room and J asked her.. “EH.. u dropped something issit jus now?” and she replied.. “AH? dropped wat?” so i asked her.. “Did u jus come back from the ladies and go into the pantry” and F was like “No, lah.. i was in the pantry all the while.. using the phone..” We told her about the sound we heard and she was completely blur.. “What sound? i neva hear anything”. Ok,lah.. can excuse her… maybe she was too into her conversation with her husband to realise what was happening around her..

Not satisfied, we asked my colleague who was alone in the room next to ours.. (“Y”) “Eh Y, u heard anot something dropping jus now” and she was also jus as blur.. “HUH? wat sound? I neva hear anythin”… Y was in her room all the while.. This i know because all throughout, i could hear her typing away…

At this point, we were all getting freaked out already, so we all packed our bag, left the work as it is n left the oficce. The funny thing is dat only me n J heard it.. and even though it is a VERY small office, the other 2 girls didn’t hear a thing.

As for wat i saw from the corner of my eye, i’m contented with jus dismissing it as an imagination.. i REALLY don’t wanna noe wat it was.

2nd STORY.. I stayed back late once.. It was already 8+ nearly nine, i think. It was jus me, another colleague in the next room and one of my boss… i did not have the office key and i knew dat my boss was gonna leave… I thought i heard my colleague’s slippers in the next room so when my boss asked if i wanted the key i said nevamind itz okay..

“Y” is still ard.. this was jus seconds after i heard my colleague’s slippers … (she only uses her slippers in the office and after dat she’ll use her shoes) so my boss checked the room n told me Y had already left. I was quite surprised ‘cos i could have sworn i heard her slippers next door. She could not have left so fast ‘cos my boss would have seen her. Of course i din stay any longer.

Apparently, im not the only one who has heard the sound of these slippers. A lady boss who stayed late one nite also heard the sound and knowing dat she was all alone in the office, she went to check the whole office to see if any one of us came back.. DUh.. obviously wasnt us.. y the heck would we wan to come back to the office at nite anyway.

This same lady boss also swears that even though before she leaves the office each time she’ll put the caps on her pens, each morning when she comes in, the caps will be off the pens and the ink would have gone dry.

So, us girls have come to the conclusion dat we’ve got a clumsy ghost in the office who has a fetish for slippers and leaving pen caps open.. The good thing is …at least now we have a reason not to work overtime.

There’s alot of other stories dat i have heard abt in dis building. Even though i haven’t seen anything yet, i can still feel the goosebumps.

You guys should check the place out.

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