The Possession (SCDF)

It all happened during my recruit days in the Singapore Civil Defence Force’s Basic Rescue Training Wing(BRTW)allocated at Jalan Bahar Camp.

We, the Vikings, under Bravo Coy, platoon 6 bunk 1, are supposed to undergo 3 months of intensive basic rescue training over there. Just two days before our Pass-out ceremony(POC), I finished my PT lessons and was thinking that since we only left 2 days to pass-out.

There’s bounce to have blanket party at night or someone maybe up to no good trying to scare our balls out by playing out ghost at night. So I guess it would be our last two sleepless nights again.

I was sleeping inside my room while all my bunkmates are busying polishing their boots ready for the POC. I closed my door trying to cut some noise outside and also to prevent them from sabotaging me.

After water parade at 10pm, we went back to our bunk and I fall fast asleep at around 10.30pm. I was awake by the noise created outside my room at around 11.45pm, thinking that it maybe some blanket-party again. I tried to ignore them and went back to sleep again.

It was 12++ coming to 1am. Onces again, I was awake by the noise outside. I was so frusrated and angry that I hopped out of my bed trying to tell them off that they are making too much noise and I can’t fall asleep.

When I opened my door to the living room, infront of me, I saw almost 13 recruits trying hard to pin REC Wan down onto the bed, eventually I helped to separate his legs apart. He was so strong that we almost loss control pinning him down.

One of my malay friend REC Mi who knows a bit of black magic wants to confront the spiritual thing inside REC Wan’s body. Negoitating with the thing, REC Mi managed to convince that thing if he could win him in a fight. He(the thing) must leave REC Wan’s body and stop coming back to harass us again.

All of the sudden, all hell broke loose and REC Mi suddenly went crazy and go out of control like what REC Wan is experiening. We suspected that he might be possessed too. It was hard and required many manpower to pin REC Wan down and now that REC Mi is also possessed. Many Recruits from other platoon came to help too.

Finally, after many malay and chinese guys(all recruits) trying to chant their prayers onto the two of them whom were possessed. It was of no use at all. REC Zah who also know some black magic came to help REC Wan in taking out the thing(spiritual) also got possessed in the end. It seems that the thing will tends to spread itself to whoever tends to get it out of the body.

However, it seems that REC Zah’s black magic is more powerful and he managed to expel the thing out of his body…he became alright and normal again..

Onces again, he tried to release the thing inside REC Wan’s body….this time, he managed to get that thing out by sort of massaging the body and by pushing that thing out and transferring to his own hands and finally managed to throw it away.

REC Wan fainted and while we kept calling his name and flapping on his face,he woke up after sometime feeling stone and quiet.

As for REC Mi, he is still experiening the thing inside his body and that thing actually tried to talk to us……This is what that thing says……….(Noted that REC Mi has got 4 types of characteristics…….Joker, gangster, REC Mi himself, some Cpl from early intake giving command).

This is what he says…….(Joker’ voice)>>>>>You can’t get me out of here….hei hei hei hei you just can’t get me of the body….ho ho ho ho……hei x 4

Switching voice now……(REC Mi voice) nono….ahgu(Me in malayu)…REC Mi ahgu REC Mi…..sakit(Pain in malayu) sakit sakit….he spoke in malayu saying that he is in pain and that thing refused to come out……

Switching voice now…..(Cpl from previous intake)……I’m from 6666666666666……satan…….hey hey hey hey…..hehehehehe……kept spitting on us……u think u r great….u think u r powerful than me…….u just can’t do anything to me…..u will see who REC Mi is going to die soon……wahhahahaha

As REC Zah can’t do anything with his powerful black magic trying to relieve REC Mi……we have no choice but to pin him down onto the strecker and tied him with all the bed sheets like a mummy….we send him to the ambulance and later to the hospital…..

After which…..the last time I saw him is when I got posted out as a pivate and I came back to Jalar Bahar for urine test and I saw him again. When asked about what happened after he got to hospital…he seems to be reluctant to tell me…..

He did not went through the POC with us on the 9 June 2000.

Till today, this story is still very clear in my mind and I will not forget it……….

Though a bit long winded and complicated…..I still hope that you will enjoy this true story of mine…….

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