Hotel Hauntings

Many a time, we have heard of stories of hotels being haunted. I had worked in the hotel industry for many years and I would like to share with you some of the cultures practiced by many superstitious guest.

It is believed that if you respect the unknown enough, then you will have lesser chance of a disturbance by them. Many guest believed that sprinkling of salt around the room helps them to blend into the spiritual environment quicker. And when one walks into a room, make sure that you give whatever that might exist there a bit of respect by not shouting or walking on places that should not be walked on because you never know what might be lying there.

Run the taps once the first time you’re in toilet. This is believed to provide a better YIN YANG energy for the toilet. And lastly make sure your sleeping shoes are both facing different direction so as to make it difficult for them to don your equipment.

From my work experiences, more complains tend to come from corner rooms. It is believed that the good brother prefers to occupy areas where it is away from the crowd.

Many hotels are as superstitious as its customers. They would take consistent complains from different customers at different time to determine exact point of a problem. I have heard hotels in Taiwan where they place big ‘FU’ inbetween its 2 lift in order to rid evil forces.

Some of the common complains from customers are knockings on walls, keep receiving calls from unknown, lights and tv turned on by itself and the most famous one is sound in cupboards.

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