Haunted Buildings

Many high rising buildings are favourite haunts for spirits. Why? I believe this is due to the fact that there are many dark corners turning around especially the back routes connecting the back stairways or lifts for goods. These structures of buildings are normally well hidden from the walking path of the public. Not forgetting the storerooms that probably wouldn’t see light for many hours a day! Another i believe is this, high buildings like shopping malls or hotels usually from the time the building is up to the time it is ready for operation takes a while because of many finer details inside the building that needs to be sorted out. This gives wandering spirits ample opportunity to make any dark part of the building their home!

According to experts, whether a building is haunted or not, at times you can find out by looking at the main entrance. If the entrance consist of some very weird or strange structures, something more than what we would call art, then the building probably had some history of hauntings. Normally management side of buildings take rumours of haunting very seriously because it indirectly affects the fengshui of the business, heck even rumours going around would ruin your business.

When i was younger at around 18-20, the mini cinemas had just hit the local scene. It used to be that cinemas are huge theatres until the idea of dividing the space up into smaller theatres were considered to be more viable as they could attact different spectrum of audiences. So in the early 1990s, new mini cinemas started to hit the local market and everywhere we get to watch films in new cinemas, for eg Tampines Mall, Century Squares, basically all the GVs. It was then that the famous gossips about new cinemas started spreading. According to believers, watching movies in new cinemas are not healthy. This is because they believe that when a cinema just opened, the first few weeks are basically shown for our good brothers. As such, new cinemas often had very very bad business at the start.

Another favourite haunt for spirits were said to be basement carparks. Like many of the other haunting places, carpark is one of the places where people usually doesn’t stay very long. You either walk from your car to the lift or walk from the paying machine to your car, other than that, you would be out of it. Moreover there are no carpark attendants working in basement carparks as nowadays payment for tickets are done through machines. If you are observant enough, you can find many spooky altars setup in little corner of carparks praying to something. The most eerie ones i’ve seen was in Takashimaya shopping centre as they had a gigantic altar setup in the furthest corner diagonally from the main entrance and the strange part is this, the entire altar is locked behind a makeshift gate. Why is there a need to conceal spaces around an altar? I don’t know but it does gives me creeps just by looking at it. So do you think your car is safe in the carpark?

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