The Man In Red

This actually happened to my dad at the time when he was working. Let me tell you about his job before starting. He is a cisco security officer and his works consists of 5 different shifts.

It happened a long time ago but i guess its worth telling. He was doing his usual rounds the night where he has to work on the night shift. Nothing much happened at that time but it was only much later that he will get to know that its not gonna be a normal night at work for him after all.

When he got back to his post, he suddenly felt tired and had an urge to sleep. At first, he tried to fight it but the urge was too strong and so he fell asleep anyway.

When he woke up, he found this guy wearing red sitting on the other end of his post about a hundred metres away. The odd thing about it is its 1am and theres totally no one who would want to sit around at this time of the night. What makes it more scary is the fact that the man was looking directly at him.

My dad wasn’t sure of what to do at first. So to scare the fella, he picked up his walkie talkie and pretend to make a report. Seeing to that action, the guys in red quickly stood up and start walking towards my dad. This made my dad to pick up his gun. But the guy continued walking towards him until he is directly right infront of my dad.

Now my dad had a clear view of how this guy actually looked like. Imagine a person with red eyes looking at you and a fierce looking face wearing a red cloak standing infront of you in the middle of the night.

My dad though scared told him with a creaky voice to leave the place as he is not authorized to enter the compound at this time of the night. What was to come was certain impacable. The figure just suddenly vanished right infront of my dad! Imagine what would you do if something like that happened to you in the middle of the night? And the worst thing is he is still not allowed to leave the post until its 6 in the morning.

He was so freaked out that he dared not leave and do his usual roundings that night.

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