Khatib Camp

During my NS at Khatib camp, i heard a lot of ghostly stories from operators. One story that i cannot overcome is about an old man. I tried to ask this operator of mine to tell me the story but he was too afraid. So, i had to ask one of his close friend to spill it out. I will call this operator of my B. The story goes like this.

During the training as an Operator, B had to stay at the 6th floor of the building at Khatib camp. One day, he went to walk pass a corridor of an empty room and saw something through the glass panel of the door. When he looked through, what he saw scared him a lot. What he saw was an old man staring at him. What makes it more creepy is that he has no eye balls!!! Mind you that there’s no one staying in this particular room. He straight away run like crazy.

Another story that happens to B again was about 2 months after his first encounter. During the night where everyone is fast asleep in everyones bunk, B felt the urge to take a leak at the toilet. After doing his business, he went straight back to his bunk. But as he was walking, someone or “something” pull him from behind on his shoulder. He had the feeling that something was wrong and dare not look back and just continue walking. Suddendly, that “something” tripped his legs from behind and this makes B fell foward. All he does is just squat at the same position and never look back until one of him bunk mates come out and ask him what had happened. He was shivering with fear when found by his bunk mates.

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