Hantu ‘Mat Rock’

This is a personal encounter of mine in Australia and happened while I was staying in this student residential college in a room all to myself. I had been allocated this room in the residential college and was staying there for a while without much event in that room. Well actually I had some incidents happening to me in that room before the big one came.

When I first moved in I had this persistent feeling someone was looking over my shoulder each time I was sitting at the desk doing my reading. For your information at that time the desk was against the window pane facing an open field with the door behind me. I used to lock the door but got this nagging feeling that someone was looking over at my shoulder everytime I worked at the desk.So to allay this feeling, I decided to turn the desk to face the door.

Well anyway during the summer holidays most of the other student residents would leave their rooms and head to wherever. For security purposes and maintenance, the remaining student residents would move to a wing of the residential college over the summer and I was no exception. At the end of the summer holidays I came back to my old room.One night before most of the other student residents reoccupied their rooms, I was awoken by this strong shaking of my bed and there was this strong evil presence in the room. I could see from the moonlight flooding into my room and the corridor lights that permeated the gap around the door frame that I was alone in the room with whatever. The shaking lasted for a good 2-3 minutes. I decided I had enough of it’s game and shouted at it. It stopped but I could still feel it’s presence in the room. I made a call to the local geological station and they told me there was no earthquake or soil movement the previous night.

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