Changi Airport T1

This story happened in the year 1991 when the T2 was still having ongoing construction. I remembered the construction was into the final phase and I was then working as a ground hostess now retitled to Passenger Service Agents(PSA) with CIAS. As usual we were always working together as a team, preparing all the transit cards for transit passengers and preparing the files and documents needed for departing flights that had been assigned to us.

On that eventful day, while waiting for the a flight to arrive, myself and a colleague were suddenly assigned to another arrival flight as the staff on that flight were stucked with another flight. Our supervisor helped us to prepare the transit cards as we needed to get the total number of cards correct for the total number of passengers so everyone was helping out then.

Me and my colleague ran towards the gate which i remembered distinctly to be E72. This boarding gate is the date that connects T1 to the new T2. So while waiting for the aircraft to come into the aerobridge, my colleague wanted to go to the loo which was just a walk away. The atmosphere was quiet at that time as there isn’t a lot of aircrafting landing at that time. Few minutes later, my colleague came out, shivering with tears rolling down her cheeks. She was looking really pale and i jokingly said “you looked like you’ve seen a ghost’ and she suddenly put her 2 hands into my mouth! She was trying to control her tears and nodding her head acknowleging what i just said is true. Her reaction was really eerie and i just froze there not knowing what to say. Our supervisor then arrived and he told us the arrival gate had changed so we need to double up to the new gate which was C53.

After we finished the job, she relate this to me. She told me while she was in the toilte, after finishing her business, she was looking at the mirror to touch up her hair when suddenly there was noise in the cubicle and was swinging the doors to close it. The thing is before that, she had noticed the toilet was empty and nobody walked in since she did. She then saw something like a head popping out of the cubicle and she ran out of the toilet. But when she tried to open the door, it was locked and the cubicle suddenly slammed open very loudly. Suddenly the door can be opened and she ran out and thats when i saw her with tears flowing down her cheeks

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