NCC Spec Course

I heard this from my NCOs. They told me they themselves witnessed it and some other Part D cadets(esp, the female cadets) also experience this. So, I guess what I’m going to say is true…

It was around mid june last year and my current batch of NCOs were going for their Specialist Course at Sembawang base. In one of the nights, something happened in the girls’ bunk. It couldn’t have been a prank since no one(except female CLTs or female COs) was allowed to be near the girls’ bunk. You see, all of the cadets were sleeping in the barracks and the beds were all double decker. In the middle of the night, while everyone was sound asleep, 2 of the girls who were sleeping on the upper deck fell to the ground. Moreover, their bed were beside one another…

Their fall created a stir that woke the whole bunk up. When the lights in the barracks were swtiched on, all of the girls saw a baby-like figure on the bed belonging to one of the girls who fell. The figure was grinning at them. All of them felt the creeps and there was a chilling feeling in the air. They noticed that there was a unique sign on the figure’s forehead. Soon, the figure vanished. The girls decided to keep quiet about this.

On the next day, every cadets were supposed to clean their barracks to prepare themselves for bunk inspection. In the girls’ bunk, the lockers were chained together. The girls (the same ones who fell earlier on that night) decided to request the COs to unlock the chains so that they could clean the back of their lockers. When the chain was unlocked, they discovered something that they would not forget… There was a pair of cuffs that was chained to the wall (it’s the device that was used to chain captives to the walls during WW 2 so that physical totures could be carried out).

What’s worse? There was a pair of bones on the cuffs! It couldn’t be mistaken. It’s really a pair of human bones! It was said that the bones and cuffs were left behind after WW 2 and no one actually found that out! Was it possible?

The girls and the CO also noticed a unique sign on the back of the cupboard. It was the sign that was on the baby’s forehead!

What did they see exactly? Was it a coincidence? What about the bones and the baby the girls saw? Guess it for yourselves…

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