Hotel Incident

This incident happened to me 2 years ago when i was doing my industry attachment in one of the 5 stars hotels in Orchard Road (clue: very near to Takashimaya)

As there was a VIP event in the hotel, most of the floors are closed for “Spring Cleaning”, as a trainee of Houskeeping Department, i was told to open all the doors for guest roooms from 9th storey to 11 storey….

Black carpet, dim lighting and soft instrumental music…..I went to every door from the 11th storey… at last the 9th floor, i open the 1st door near the lift landing, then the second, the third …….BUT!!!! This door can’t be opened!!! The key card machine displayed ” YELLOW” light which mean the door is double locked from inside!!!

“Can’t be rite?” I was thinking as the housekeeping clerk told me the 3 floors are empty and i did go thru the occupancy report before i came up!!! Why is room 942 double locked? By right there shouldn’t be any more guest occupying the room????

Well, i ignore room 942 and proceed with others rooms, but i’m not convinced so i went back again to room 942 trying to open the dooor again… Well, it is again “yellow light”. I tried again telling myself this would be the last attempt, at last …this time is “green light” !!! Just as i want to open the door, there was a pungent smell and the room was very warm…

I was so scared, so i ran all the way down to staff canteen for a drink looking very pale…. so one of the aunties asked me.” Hey wynee, y u look so pale?”

I related my incident word by word to them…. GUESS WHAT? Their faces turn green too…

One of aunties turned n told me. Remember a murder case (that shaken all Singaporens) that about the lady who was killed in the hotel room…. it happened at ROOM 942!!!

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