Feared Most

This is a story which was told to me by my elder sister.. She was the kinda person whom likes to go exploring & stuff like dat… She has this some sort of instinct which was passed down by our daddy..The instinct which can make her see stuff which others can’t see…most people who hear this story might not believe it except some of her frenz whom she tell & who was also there with her on the day she went exploring…Whoever know me might know my sis coz she is kinda popular.. So here i am telling a story which my sis told me about last year…(by now she has been there 4 times)but shh…

It was about her outing of an exploration which took her to Old Changi Hospital..she sayz that whatever story which is writen in the true stories coloumn about the OCH mostly isn’t true coz she has been there herself & not quite encoutered whatever there they encountered but she does have a story to tell from there…

My sis, LiN, was there with her frenz last year. 12 guyz and 5 gerlz…during the same hungry ghost festival month… She was warned by dad not go anywhere bad coz the ghost are surrounding everywhere… but she was too stubborn to listen.. She went off with black metal frenz and they were there to do thier black metal ritual which she was there juz to accompany them… But when she was in, she felt a cold shudder and was cool but whats so lame was that she was to stand last at the back while the rest was in front, she was at the back with 2 guyz who were her close frenz. They were taking a look out at the back.. when they were going through a door to the 3rd floor. She noticed that the door was already opened and was stuck open with a block but what was shocking was that after going throug the door and from far, they heard the door closed with a loud bang as though someone was forcing it shut.. being unafraid of anything, they juz ignored it and continued on to the 4th floor which they came across 14 good lookin people, guyz and gerlz who is all very beautiful and got to know that they too were explorin.. So they decided to meet back at the 2nd floor.

When they finish their exploration, then they continue going up to the last floor to do thier ritual but then they realised something was amiss but continue the ritual.. When they were doing it, they heard babies crying, someone wailing and dogs barking.. they juz ignored it thinkin that itz juz coz they were disturbin them datz why there were noises but it stil does not explain the noises being heard..

Then when they were packin up to go home, they heard some gerl crying as though it was one of them but none of them were.. so being to freaked out they decided to walk quickly and meet the other goup which they juz met and to get out at once… but when they met the group at the 2nd floor, they were alarmed to see one of the gerlz were crying softly but how could the noise travel so far up was the mystery…

After meeting them, all of them went down to go out the back door but what was shocking was the back door was blocked with some kind of woods which was not there before.. so they decided to go to the front door with the malay security guard waiting there. So they did, when they were walking to the front, the gerl who had been cryin earlier was still crying but what freaked them out the most was when they went out the front door, the whole group at the back of them dissapeared.. and left them 17 instead of being 21…

After being spooked, they quickly went to the old man but all he said was theres nothing to be afraid off but juz then, they heard voices laughing going past them and heard a guy said “Goodbye my frenz, nice knowin you”.. After hearing that, they looked at the old man but he juz smiled at them and said “Those people you saw are friendly patients who were once here, so you should not be afraid of them”.. With that, my sis and her frenz exchanged goodbyes and continue walking to the bustop to go home..

That was the story, she told me but i am believing it is not true but her frenz with her then said it is.. so i am not so sure, so whoever heard a similar story, juz write in and i’ll see it..

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