Both my parent were for a dinner at Sanur, i was alone at home. I was hanging on the phone with my pal when suddenly i heard some noise coming from my study room. I didn’t bother at first, but the noise seem to be distracting me. I had a cat named ‘Cumie’ which I took care since last year. Thus i thought maybe the noise was made by my cat as my door was slightly ajar.

I heard someone was walking, the step could clearly be heard. I wonder who it could be because no one was at home except me and my cat. The door seem to be wide open, i whisper to my pal about what i heard and saw, but she calmed me by telling it was my imagination, moreover as no one was at home. The step seem to be nearer as if it was coming towards me. I turned around putting my view back, i saw Cumie, laying down comfortably at the sofa. I beginning to shiver right after i hang up the phone. Maybe it was my imagination that worried me so badly, i try to ignore it.

I stood up and wanted to closed the door when i heard something. It was a loud bang as if someone went mad. I stop, trying to figure out who might have done that. Sweat roll down my forehead, someone knocking at the door. KNOCK. KNOCK. I heard dad’s voice shouting to me to open the door. I ran to the door and quickly open the door. I hugged my mum, telling what i heard. She went to checked my room and found that it was in a mess. I was puzzled as i never enter the room since they went out, who could have done this. For sure it wasn’t me or Cumie, who else?

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