Labrador Park

Hi, i just wonder if this story was true cos it was told by my friend who had encounter at the Labrador Park. The story was like this…………..

They went as a group to Labrador park to seek for some excitement and after searching for ages nothing actually hapen until one member of the group said he wants to go to the gents thats was when the whole things begins……..

He went into the gents while the left over guys were left outside waiting for him. Not long after the guy went in the others guys heard sharp screaming from their friend inside the gent. They will scared and all rush in and to their horror, they saw a woman’s bloody head flying wildly in the toilet!!!!! All guys were scared that they just rush out from the toliet pulling their almost fainted friends with them………………

This was actually told by my friend. I dunno if this was true but i suppose so cos labrador park is a famous haunted park. But friends out there, if u had any scary encounter regards to any areas in Singapore pls inform me.

There was also a very dirty place which sledom people know about it and might not know how to go. I myself not so sure of the place name but i know is somewhere near TCS(Thomson rd).It was stated that years ago, a whole large family was being murdered and this news even appeared in the news paper.

So one sat nite, the four of us decide to go and deep inside we had to went pass a temple. Driving deep inside there is actually no much light and we stop our car infront of a drain and not far from us, we saw “someone” fishing at the drain!!!! Who will be fishing at the drain during this wwee hours and aslo when there is not a single fish in the drain!!!!!!!! We just keep quite and make sure that our window are winde up. We decided to leave the place cos it really damed scary.

When we were driving out of the place, we suddenly saw two woman wearing whole red walking in front of our car!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were really scared all of you won’t know what our reaction really is. My friend who is the driver was really shocked!!!!! But both the red clothed woman did not turn their head towards us. After that, i spent the night at my friend’s house and i dream of bee stings at me till thick blood flowing out. It was really damned scary what actually did i saw that fateful day?

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