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I’m really freaking out rn… last night one of my colleagues was flirting with me…

he’s a decent-looking guy. But I have a very loving bf. My coworkers all know about him. Where I work most of the employees are young, I am frequently flirted with by the boys there, which are all around my age.

But one of them.. let’s call him “Josh” flirts with me more than others. Most times I ignore him, or I’ll just act like I didn’t understand that he was flirting. And he usually stops after a bit.

But last night he texted me, and he wanted to be fwb. And I refused, but I really thought about it, which is making me feel extremely guilty. I would never cheat on my bf, he’s an amazing guy and deserves better than that.

But the fact that I had to think about it before saying no makes me feel like I did something wrong. My boyfriend and I have to do long distances because we are thousands of kilometres away from each other. We haven’t seen each other in 2 months.

It is really hard not being able to go on dates or even be able to touch him. My love language is physical touch, and I feel like without my love language being fulfilled it’s messing with our relationship. Am I the wrong for almost cheating on my bf with my colleague?

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