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A man shared a story of how his wife left him because he did not give it to her for almost 3 years in their marriage.

The story

Back when I just got married to my wife, I found out that when we were still in our dating phase, she cheated on me.

She admitted it to me just right before the wedding ceremony because she said that she wanted to start our marriage life on a clean slate.

She says that she loves me and that is why she confessed it to me, but hopes that it will not affect anything.

Due to the fact that we were already going to walk into the banquet hall and all our invited guests are present, I did not want to make things ugly and went ahead with the ceremony.

After the celebrations died down, I immediately felt a sense of disappointment and hatred towards my wife.

It got so bad to the point that I did not even want to “do it” with her.

We tried going for counselling sessions and marriage workshops, but I could not put the incident behind me.

To be honest, she is a good person and have always been very nice and loving to me, but I just cannot get over the fact that she once cheated on me.

Our marriage remained s*xless all the way, till she finally decided to leave me because I did not want to “do her”.


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