Ghost At Sarimbun Camp

Back in 2017, I attended a camp organised by one of the clubs from Singapore Polytechnic at Sarimbun Scout camp. So basically on the second night of the camp, they were preparing us for an activity called Night Walk. They placed all the campers in a Multi-Purpose Hut (MPH). Just a quick intro of the MPH – imagine a circular stone flooring with a ceiling of about 10m high with wooden beams at the very top, shaped like a teepee.

Back to the story, all the entrances of the MPH were covered, so it was pitch black inside except for a phone light placed under a bottle which is the only light source. One senior was in charge of telling us ghost stories to hype us for the night walk.

So halfway while they were telling ghost stories, I had a strange feeling where someone or something was staring at me for about 2 mins. I slowly look around to check if any of my camper friends were looking at me, but to my surprise, all of them were either paying attention to the storyteller or dozing off. So my instinct was to look around the MPH until I could find the source of what was looking at me. Little did I know, there was something staring at me from the ceiling.

Mind you, no one could have been up there as the wooden beams couldn’t be accessed at all, even with a ladder. You need something like a forklift or something to lift anything up there.

I looked up and saw a white female figure crouching on all fours on the wooden beam at the very top of the MPH, staring at me. I could see the shape of a face, and showing very white teeth.

‘IT’ was staring at me.

What I did next was the stupidest thing ever.

I continued staring at ‘it’ for about a good 2 minutes, figuring out what the heck am I looking at before I realized I was staring at something not from this world.

I kept quiet the whole night and didn’t say anything until the next morning. In the morning I went to check the spot and saw that there is a white cloth dangling from the ceiling.

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