Ghost Or Angel

I belong to a broken family, and I live now with my dad together with my sisters. The first year of our residence, I have experienced lot of paranormal events. But the most striking, and confusing, was when I was sleeping comfortably while my dad and youngest sister were watching TV.

My door was open giving my sister a good view of my bedroom. When she looked inside, she saw a white cloud that resembled a lady with wings hovering above me. My dad saw it too, so they asked me the following day what I felt. I told them that all I remember was I was talking to a beautiful woman who wanted me to go with her someplace. I didn’t mind what happened at first but then something happened. I was taking a picture of myself, alone, through my phone when I noticed that I caught something in the photo. Behind me there stood that very same woman I remember talking to in my dream…

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