Ghostly Encounter

I just experience a ghostly encounter. I shuddered to think about it. I live with my parents and brother. My brother and I, although on good terms, seldom talk when I come home and just do our own things all the time. So every night after I came home, I will pass by his room, I can see his TV from my angle as I passed by. 2 days ago, I came back very late and I saw a figure leaning towards the TV. I thought its my brother meddling with the TV. Its dark so I could not really see properly. But I’m sure the figure is leaning bending down towards the TV. So I went into my room and ignored it. My parents are sleeping as I walk pass their room.

But today my dad went to pick my brother up from his trip in Malaysia. I suddenly remembered he was not in Singapore 2 days ago and it scared the hell out of me to think of the figure. Offline, my dad just told me that my brother used to complain that he saw someone at the TV in his room. I don’t know whats going on man. Whats with the figure and the TV?

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