Ghosts Of Sunway

Many would have heard of Sunway College and Monash University’s Malaysian campus. They are situated on a joint-campus in Bandar Sunway, a suburb of Kuala Lumpur. The campus area consists of two blocks of main buildings, one each for Monash University and Sunway College. Also in the campus is a four-block apartment-style hostel complex.

They are all relatively new buildings, but probably built on old land, or even ancient tribes’ land. There weren’t much stories about the main building. However, many sightings and eerie occurrences were reported within the hostel complex.

Many years back, students of a particular apartment in Block A heard cries and evil laughters all over the apartment. Then there was blood everywhere on the wall. The hostel management had to seal off that particular apartment and called in the mediums to “cleanse” the place.

Over in Block C, students staying there often heard sounds of crying. At times, it was worse than just normal cries. The cries can be so high pitch it drives everyone crazy, not to mention petrified. Also, many reported to have heard baby’s cries as well. Many students reckoned there was a mother crying for her lost baby.

Almost every other apartment in the hostel is haunted. When I stayed there some year back, my hostel-apartment-mate, Luke, had a personal experience once. Luke stayed in the extension room partitioned with sand-boards. One night, Luke was half-asleep when he felt someone pulled his blanket away. At the same time, he heard a scratching sound on the sand-board wall beside him. He stayed still for a while trying to figure out what it was. He called out to see if there was someone on the other side of the wall but no one answered. Instead, the scratching stopped. He told us the story but we all dismissed it by saying it was probably some insect or rats.

On another occasion, he was sleeping soundly one night until he felt someone shaking his bed. He opened his eyes, looked around and found nobody in his room. Nevertheless, his bed was still shaking and soon there was the same scratching sound on the other side of wall. He shouted at whatever it was to go away and it disappeared after a while.

These are common stories that are often told throughout the hostel. Nevertheless, there is one particular story that had everyone troubled.

In a room on the 5th floor facing the Monash University building, one girl, let’s call her Yen, was looking out her window one night. In the dark, she saw a figure standing on the rooftop of the building, which is right opposite her. Yen took a careful look and even though she couldn’t make out how the person looked like, she was certain there was someone standing up there.

Yen was wondering what that person was up to. That person certainly didn’t look like a construction worker or repairman. Yen stared at the figure for a few moments. Then, the figure jumped off the building. Yen got a great shock and she gave out a soft scream. She looked around but she couldn’t be sure if that person had landed on the ground. She thought she just witnessed a suicide attempt but she couldn’t be sure. After all it was a dark night.

Yen looked up again and saw the figure still up there. She thought she might have been imagining things but how could that be? She was confused but she continued looking at that figure.

Then, the figure jumped off the roof again. This time Yen was certain that person did jump and she was looking at him/her falling off the roof until halfway down when the figure just disappeared. Yen started having goosebumps. She looked around the ground area but she couldn’t find any sign of anything.

Yen looked up again and there it was up on the roof-top again! After a short moment, the figure jumped off again and disappeared in mid-air!

Yen turned away and ran out of her room into the next room. She was so scared she just sat on her friend’s bed without a word. Her friend was shocked to see her all pale and in a state of shock. Yen told her what happened after she calmed down. There was no report of any suicide or anyone falling off the building that night or the next day. Some ex-students claimed there was a construction worker who fell to his death while the Monash University building was still under construction.

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