NUH White Figure

This is a story about my encounters at NUH. As you can see, NUH is located near some forested area. I am a staff of NUH working normal shift work and on that particular day i was working the afternoon shift which ended at 10pm. My office was located on the 6th floor of NUH, main building and directly facing the forested area with big trees and a staircase leading up the hill. If I look out of my window to my right, I could see NUS and a small road parked with cars.

It was a normal day for me, my fiancee will always wait for me at the 5th floor staircase which leads to my office. There is a door on the 6th floor by the staircase and you have to scan the staff pass to enter, so strictly no outsiders. The corridor outside my office is always very creepy and if i turn to my right I can see the forest again. So, like other days I walked as fast as I could and never even turned to my right. As I reached the door which leads to the staircase, I pushed the button to unlock the door but unfortunately the button was spoiled and the door never opened. I called my fiancee to tell him to go up the stairs as I was very scared.

There is a small window on the door and I could see him walking up the stairs. While waiting for him to reach the door and asked him to get help for me, I turned around and I don’t know why but something just made me look at the forest, which I never did before. I saw a white figure looking directly at me with long hair somewhere among the trees but I told myself it was probably my imagination. Then suddenly it moved! It looked like it was floating. That was when I realised it was for real and that was it, I started panicking. I was lucky that it did not come to my direction. I could feel my heart beating so fast and my legs felt like jelly. I was breathing very fast. As soon as my fiancee appeared near the door, I started crying and telling him I need to get out. He told me to calm down and like 5 mins later while waiting, a technician arrived probably they saw us from the security cam. they fixed the button and I was free. It was an unfortunate day for me. Now my office has moved to the first floor which is nearer to the A&E and definitely safer for me and the rest of my colleagues.

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