Gong Tao In Batu Pahat

This story is heard from my friend which this thing happened in the area where he lived, many years back. It happened a few units away from his place in segenting batu pahat. As I heard it from him and got information of the hindsight, i will write it as if i am the third party and tell the story from both sides.. Again, this story was told to me years back and did not take any interest in supernatural/religion or anything and treated it like a spooky story.

Weiliang and jiexin are two newly wed couple in their late twenties and live in batu pahat. Weiliang frequently travels to kl for work as the head office of his company is located at kl. Jiexin on the other hand works in a small accounting firm in bp and they lead a simple but happy life. Weiliang work is such that every now and then, he needs to go kl for meeting and whenever his back he would have the next day off. If not his work is such that he can choose to work from home.

Their lives had no big events or happenings until one day. Something happened and things started snowballing ..it was evening time and there was a knock on the door. Weiliang went to open it , thinking that jiexin forgot to bring her keys. When he opened the door, jiexin was like 7-8 steps away and was in fact still walking towards the door. Jiexin jokingly said that he was so sweet, waiting at the window huh if not how he knows she is back. Weiliang got a shock and said “i thought u knock liao then go check the letter box at the gate?” to which jiexin merely replied maybe he too tired..

After this incident, the occurrence were not frequent but on and off, it was as if there were this servant of jiexin that helped to knock the door in advance, help her on the lights in advance. Another incident was at work where she was walking towards the lift to go home and the lift was at the level of her office for some time and when hse walked near and wanted to press the button, the lift door ownself open. There are much more cheap thrills incidents of such. Both of them didnt talk about it until one day during dinner weiliang ask jiexin if she notice all these small things and they started talking.. And said if should go and visit a medium.. (if u guys go before batu pahat, the road from muar to batu pahat has tons of small temples along the way.. I dont know if it is still like this today), and so, with the company of jiexin’s mother, they went to one temple recommended by her mother’s friend.

When they enter the temple, jiexin’s mother told the medium what happened then the medium calculate calculate using his fingers and said that she kenna dirty things but dont worry, take 3 fu daily for 3 days and will be ok, then ask her buy offerings and burn at a certain spot near their house and walk away without turning back. They followed the instruction and all seems well for the next one week, and they thought on hindsight, “wa lau really got dirty things, heng solved already”.

Few days later, the problem came back and this time. Jiexin took the day off as she was not feeling well and went home halfday. Weiliang was at home too when jiexin came back, but she didnt see the doctor and said she will be fine after resting a while, but she asked weiliang, if is the house so dark, as if its evening and feeling weird, weiliang looked around the house and said “huh so bright, today so hot and sunny” but maybe she was sick.. And she went upstairs to rest. Weiliang accompanied her and make sure she was well tucked in and went back to his work after making a call to jiexin’s mum and told her that jiexin is sick and they wont be going over for dinner that night.

It was merely 6pm when jiexin woke up and called for weiliang, and again the first question she asked was “why is it so dark?” and she complained of sore throat and stomachache. She started coughing and kept saying throat very pain and itchy. They went to see a gp at night and this time, jiexin already had difficulty navigating around and kept tripping on the way from the car to the gp clinic doorstep and back.

Doctor did some examinations on her, look at the throat, feel the stomach, check her pupils and prescribed her some medication , citing that she had throat infection but her pupils looks fine and maybe it was the effect of the fever that she was also having. As u know, some doctors dont really care about the patient and just brush it aside but to be fair.. He did checked for a good 15 mins and at some point, he had that puzzled look but still, he let her go with medication that he prescribed.

When they went back home, weiliang made sure jiexin ate her medicine and went out to the kitchen. In the kitchen he heard jiexin mumbling and thus went back into the room and ask jiexin what was the matter. The room orientation is such that the the bed is in the middle with the door on the left and toilet on the right. When weiliang asked jiexin the question, jiexin got a rude shock and sat up and said “eh i thought u inside the toilet?” and yes the toilet was already on, but it was not when weiliang left the room.

Weiliang told jiexin he just came in and he was in the kitchen.. They both slowly walked to the toilet and nobody was in there. Right now, they are both scared, especially jiexin , and she kept complaining that it was much darker than usual like a veil covering her eyes.. At this point, jiexin’s mum called and ask if she was alright and weiliang told her what happened and kept saying that something is wrong, but dont know how..

Anyway jiexin’s condition persisted and it didn’t allow her to go back to work, until one day she had to go back office to sort some stuff because they were really understaffed and weiliang drove her there and waited for her in the car below the building. It was only until like 1 hour later, a colleague came down and ask weiliang faster go up and see jiexin, something happened, then weiliang ran up, and upon reaching the office doors, jiexin was sitting on the sofa and crying and weiliang ask what happened, jiexin kept crying and one of the staff told weilaing that jiexin was sorting stuff at her desk when suddenly she stood up and cry and ran into one of the director’s office and started saying weird stuff. Jiexin was lowly educated and infact never interacted or talk much with director level people.. And after that incident, weiliang learnt about what jiexin did inside.

She ran into the office of the director and she was a divorced female. Jiexin told her that the daughter of the director is very cold below and crying everyday but u as a mother did not even burn anything for her. But the thing is, nobody knew anything about this and all thought she ki siao. It was only after she was dragged out, they saw the director crying and she told one of the staff closer to her that , yes she had a daughter and when the daughter was 2 yrs old, she died in a car accident and she has never told anyone in office about this and this happened like 20 yrs ago. And one more very important thing that the director said and also those seated outside the office. When weiliang went back one day later to collect the stuff from her desk, they told weiliang to take care of jiexin and when probed further, they said that her voice was that of a man and she spoke like a man with a totally different voice.

When weiliang heard about this, he totally sian diao and also very afraid at the same time. He knew this time is really goodgame.com liao and he made a call to the mother in law seeking for help, before rushing back to see jiexin..

Jiexin’s condition become from bad to worse and she started coughing with blood traces and very bad stomachache and sometimes her stools had blood in them. They went back to the gp 2 further times and finally decided to go into a&e at a hospital, this time she stayed in ward and was kept under observation but somehow the doctor too could not find anything wrong with her except giving her the same medicine and stronger antibiotics.

Few days later she checked out and went home to rest. Her mother suggested bringing her to see another guy and it was recommended by some relatives as they suspect that she might be victim of gong tao. When they reached at this person’s temple. It was really like a house rather than a temple with a big altar facing the main gate. This guy practise maoshan, but he also had a lot of gods from Thai Buddhism and also some other figurines, but whatever. They were there to seek help and if this person can remedy the situation, doesn’t really matter as jiexin was in a bad shape already.

The guy asked for jiexin’s 8 characters and started calculating, and after a while , he asked for weiliang’s 8 character too and started calculating.. After a while, he said jiexin “tio cheng” already, meaning “kenna gunned” and when asked what he meant by the mother in law, he said that “someone is cursing her” in hokkien and he said the person put gong on jiexin. First thought about this was that jiexin did something outside and the guy took revenge but the guy seems chillax . Weiliang and the mother were very frantic and kept asking how to solve and remove the gong.

The guy first drew a symbol and asked jiexin kneel down infront of the god and he started to do the chantings and mudra and suddenly shouted something and burnt the symbol and told jiexin to drink the talisman water. He asked if jiexin got complain about darkness or very dark everywhere and he explained further about certain gong tao, e.g the gong tao master used a strawman to represent jiexin with her 8 character symbol inside the strawman and tied a black cloth around the eye to blind her but of course not totally blind, just that it was the reason why jiexin kept complaining very dark.

He told jiexin and the mother to sit at the side while he directed weiliang to follow him and then he asked weiliang “do u know who is doing this to your wife?” weiliang said he doesnt know. And then he asked weiliang “then do u know why I asked for your 8 characters? ”

at this point weiliang somehow knew what he was hinting. Then the master said, “someone is doing this to curse your wife but it is not your wife’s fault, that is the reason why i helping her.” do u have anything u want to tell me? Weiliang then confessed that he had relationship with a girl when he went to kl but they broke up few months ago. The master then say “yes, that girl love u a lot, so much so that even after how u treat her, she doesnt bear to see u suffer, but instead want your wife to die and the gong is very evil. Paper cannot wrap fire and u must promise to let her know one day if not i will not help you” weiliang and agreed and they went out again.

The mother asked what they could do and all the master did was give them a symbol and told them to put it under the bed of jiexin and told them to come back the next morning. The mother in law then ask if the fu will protect her and she will be ok tonight to which the master said no. The mil then asked what is the symbol for ? Does that mean the daugther has to suffer for one more night?

The master said sorry but yes, the daughter has to suffer one more night, but he has already symbol something into the symbol and he put the symbol under the bed to see who is doing this thing and he will send something to follow the gong back to the gong tao master. He said he wants to see who is the one behind this. Once jiexin tio the gong, she is already represented by the strawman at the altar of the gong tao master and he has to spiritually destroy that copy of jiexin to remove the gong completely, and to do this , he has to fight with the gong tao master.

The mil knew that there is no other choice. The master went on further to explain that if they had done a xray at the hospital they would find out why is jiexin having a severe stomachache because she had fishing hooks and nails inside her stomach and the fishing hooks will slowly move up her throat and that is also the reason y she kept coughing and the traces of blood became more and more. He said the hooks will become more and more and eventually jiexin would die. This is done by finding an animal (like fish or something) symbol jiexin 8 characters to that of the animal body and keep stuffing fishing hooks and nails into the animals and let it suffer, whatever time it takes to die, the victim of the gongtao will suffer the same time limit and this process can be repeated over and over again.. Increasing the amount of rubbish in the victim body

They then went home after that..

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