Third Eye

I have an older cousin who has 3rd eye since young. Lucky for us, she usually don’t say anything in front of us if she sees something. But she said before if she suddenly becomes very quiet or asked us to walk away, we must follow her instructions.

My cousin used to stay in a very rural area in northern Johor which is near Melaka area in a small village (about 20 households maximum) around 20 to 23 years ago and I always visited her home when I was a young kid. There was a makeshift Indian shrine behind her home near a small stream and we always played there together with other cousins whenever I visit them.

There was this afternoon when it was about to rain at about 4pm to 5pm and we were playing near the shrine when she shouted at us “COME BACK NOWWWW!!!” and she ran towards us and pulled us away and brought us home. It was only a few months later when we had a gathering that she told us what happened.

She said she saw an Indian ghost was trying to play with us (we were playing some kids’ games) and the ghost seemed like it wanted to join us and disturb us. The ghost didn’t look friendly and had an evil intention. Then suddenly, an Indian god that resembled the god at the makeshift shrine appeared and subdued the ghost. That was when she shouted at us to go home immediately.

Another story was told to us by my mum’s close friend. She was giving birth in a private hospital in the west of Singapore (there’s not many private hospitals in the west) about 20 years ago. After she gave birth at night and was resting at her bed, she was woken up by someone pulling her blanket and also pulling at her arm at around 4am. The thing said “you are sleeping on my bed, get out!”.

All along, she had been praying to guan yin and er lang shen and suddenly, she said she saw er lang shen appeared and took the ghost away. How true this story is, I have no idea. Just sharing what I have heard. But for this auntie, after a few years, she went to learn from a master (who said she has the life to be in this line) and founded a home temple to help others ward away evil and pray for people. She is not a medium and she mainly does praying, feng shui and helping people to set up altars at home.

Nowadays, she huat quite big time cos some of her clients made it from rags to riches. She also got pray for my family but we bo huat leh. Oh yah, I remember that time when she brought my parents to buy a new guan yin statue. She said even though all are statue, there are some statue which makes you feel at ease and with warmth when you look at it. If you see that one, that’s the one you should bring home and she will do the necessary ‘open light’.

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