Possession At Funeral

I have relatives in Malaysia and I recently went for a funeral there. This story was told to me by a relative when he saw the same priest that was performing the rites for my dead relative. He said this same priest performed rites for another guy in Kedah in Malaysia and something epic happened which even this priest told them that it was the first time he witnessed such things. By the way, my relative was at both funerals.

Just some background, funerals in Malaysia usually last 1 night or 2 nights and the rites are long and it is not uncommon to stretch into 2am or 3am (except for KL). So for this other funeral, the priest and relatives were calling back the spirit at about 11pm. The streets were quiet and there was no winds. They tried a few times but to no avail.

After more than a few tries, suddenly the dogs on the streets whined and barked and the winds suddenly blew strongly. Exactly at this moment, 1 of the relatives (a young guy of about early 20s) suddenly jumped up (they were kneeling down) and shouted “SHE’S BACK!” and knocked into all the others who were kneeling down. He then ran into a room in the house and was apparently shaken.

The rest ran into the room to check on him and suddenly this guy suddenly was possessed and spoke in a strange tongue. 4 to 5 strong men tried to subdue him but couldn’t. The priest then realized that this guy was wearing a Buddha pendent/amulet(those type whereby there’s a Buddha in a box) on his neck and he pulled it out immediately. The guy then collapsed and fainted but woke up shortly after.

Just when everyone thought everything was over and the priest was explaining that this guy committed a sin by wearing Buddha pendant and kneeling down in front of the deceased. Buddha is god and shouldn’t kneel down to people, that’s why he was possessed. This part I’m not sure so I want to hear what you guys say.

Ok back to story, when the priest was explaining halfway and everyone was taking a rest. Suddenly the mum of the guy who was possessed went to the coffin and shouted loudly at the corpse. She shouted “YOU ARE DEAD AND YOU SHOULDN’T COME BACK TO HARM THE LIVING!”. The priest rushed outside the house to the coffin where this auntie was and immediately used his gear/gadget/stuff to contain the situation (the rites that we see on TV that priests usually do). This auntie then calmed down and fainted.

After all these happened, everyone was scared and nobody really dared to do anything. The priest then explained what was going on, he also asked if this family were praying to a master or sorts because this auntie was possessed by a master and the relatives said yes. Note that this family weren’t from this Malaysia state and this was the first time they met the priest. The priest wrapped up the rites and got everyone to sit down and explained what happened.

He said for the first case (the young guy), he shouldn’t wear a Buddha pendant and kneel in front of the deceased and reminded everyone next time don’t do the same thing. As for the second case, the auntie was too overwhelmed with emotions when she saw her son being possessed and this invoked the master to possess her.

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