This story was told by my sister. She told me that one of her friends when in his childhood, he(Call him Y) was staying in the Kampong area. So there is a lot of forest and river around the area.

So one day, Y went alone to the river bank for fishing when suddenly he saw a young lady carrying a baby in her arm. At first, he thought that the lady was going to bath her baby along the river (Normal practise for those villagers) so Y did not pay much attention to the lady. However, to his surprise, he then saw the lady threw the baby into the river. Immediately, Y shouted at the lady and asked her why she did that!!! The lady show no response to Y.

Without much hesitation, Y jumped into the river hoping to save the baby!!! When he was at the point where the baby was been threw, he then saw the most scary and frightening scene which he has ever saw in his entire life!!! What he saw is that the said baby was walking at the bottom of the river and when the baby noticed that Y had jumped down, the baby then turned his head and look at Y.

According to Y, the baby got the face of a adult and when he was trying to swim away from it, the baby quickly chase after him and managed to grab one of his leg. Fortunately, Y managed to break free and escaped. Until now, his right leg still got the mark of a baby hand.

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