The Wedded Couple

Have you heard of ghosts and do you believe in them? Well I was. I don’t believe in or seen a ghosts. And I always think thats like a entertainment such as radio or tv. But not anymore ….

This happened to my uncle when he got married. He choose a girl of his desire. All my family members agreed. So, they got married. My uncle said that he don’t want to go on a honeymoon coz he has to serve on NS. But my aunt insisted. So just a week before the NS start, he agreed on for the honeymoon. But actually it is not really called a honeymoon. Its b’coz i followed too with my guy.

We never went so far away. We just went to batu pahat coz there is just a week. Why must we waste on travelling. Then as my uncle was driving, we stopped for a rest. After we freshed up. We romanced at the chalet nearby. It was almost 2.00am. Then this time my guy was driving. The newly-weds was romancing behind.

Then, the car broke down. I think it was somewhere before we reach the chalet. But the place which was surounded by the rubber estate was pitch black and creepy. We could hardly see each others face unless by the passing by cars. Coz it was so late . There were hardly cars pass by, we waited and gave up. My uncle says that he could see lights in the rubber estate and suggested that he could go in and get some ‘minyak tanah’. He asked me and his wife to stay in and lock ourselves up and don’t respond to anybody and don’t ever open the door or lower the glass window. My uncle and my guy left shortly after we kiss them to say goodbye and take care.

They left. After an hour passed, a red jaguar passed by. We could see a guy looking at us from the car. The car stopped! He got down hurriedly and asked me and my aunt into his car. His faced looked as if he wanted to tell us something. In that hurry we forgot what my uncle told us.

We just do what he told us to do. He pushed us into his car. And breathed heavily. Then he asked us to take a deep breath and look behind. And when we do my heart stopped. I almost died at the spot when i saw my guy and my uncle on the car with thier body covered with blood. He drove off.

He dropped us at our home and the very next morning as early as 5.00 am, we went to a medium. We told him what happened. He explained that a pontianak was attracted by them and it took their lives. But he said luckly we never touched their body coz it contained a spell .

And we went there to make a proper burial to the spot. And to our astonisment, the car and the body was missing. When we asked around, they said there was no such car found.

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