First Night

I have another story to share with you guys and girls out there. It happened in the year 1984 and this storey was told by my uncle.

During that year, my uncle had his wedding on. As usual, before the wedding, there was a lot of things to be done. My parents had catered my close neighbour to cook during my uncle wedding.

After the ceremony, the groom would followed his bride home. The groom would stayed at the bride house.

During that time my auntie stayed at Kampung House (located at Choa Chu Kang area before HDB flats were built).

Before going to bed, my auntie told my uncle not to be scared, if he heard a funny sound on top of the roof and just ignored it.

While my uncle was about to go to bed. Suddenly, he heard a funny sound on top of the roof. At first, he heard a cat sound, looking for food.(imagine 12 midnight!!!) He told my auntie. But my auntie told him to ignored.

A few minutes later, he heard a another terrible sound. This time a sound of a scratching on top of the roof. He couldn’t take it anymore, and asked his wife what is going on. But the wife insists and told my uncle to just sleep and ignored. Both husband and wife had a bad night on that day.

The next morning, my uncle asked his wife the incident. She told him that the scratching sound came from a pontianak long finger nails and actually wanted to disturb them. Furthermore they are newly bride to be. When my uncle heard this he nearly fainted. However my auntie told my uncle that the incidents would happened for three days until the pontianak felt satisfied, and she would not disturbed anymore.

True enough, it happened three times and my uncle had a nightmare for his life. Forth day, no more disturbing and at last both bride and groom are united.

So those of you, just take precautions. Evil sprits do exists in this world.

See you in my next article.

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