Gunung Ledang

We were having our poly term break during june. We have been to Gunung Ledang before and our first trip there were wonderful so we decided to go for a second hike. There were 5 of us, 3 guys and 2 gals. After hiking up to the peak, we went to the 1st checkpoint to rest for the nite. We had a lot to talk that nite. Then 1 of us decided to go to sleep. She was sleeping in the tent. We were making a campfire. I decide to check up on my fren and shone the torchlight towards her in the tent. To my surprise, i saw a big “human-like” figure standing still at the top of my fren’s head.

We slept in two tents, 2 guys in a tent and the other 2 gals n 1 guy. Everyone else were sleeping, we were still chatting, i tink it was around 2-3 am in the morning. There was this errie feeling and suddenly there was a strong force pushing on all 4 corners of the tent i was in. The force was so strong that it wakes my fren who were fast asleep. It was like the top of our tent was being shooked by a force from the outside. All of us were dumbstruck. We quickly say a prayer and try hard to sleep.

The next morning, 1 of the guys in the other tent told us that he heard “someone” singing outside his tent. It was so distinct that he says that he can make out that it was a lady’s voice. He also heard that the utensils that we left outsde being moved. Sure enough, the utensils were all over the place the next morning. These are some of the events that we can remember rite now.

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