Pasir Ris Park

It was in 1997 when this incident happened. Me and a group of my friends went barbequing in Pasir Ris Park somewhere nearby the mangrove swamps. It was on our June holidays, the time was around 3:00 am and our BBQ pit was in a secluded spot away from the others. Feeling somewhat bored and a sense of adventure, a few of us (the girls and a few guys stayed on the pit) went around near the mangrove swamps which was about 500 metres away from our pit. Well, I couldn’t explain it but all of a sudden I felt goosebumps on my neck as a sense of creepiness overwhelms us. All of a sudden, we found out that two of our friends who were behind us as we were treking in the swamps dissapeared!

We tried our best to keep our cool and searched for the both of them. We kept shouting their names but to no avail. About an hour later, we found the two both facing towards a tree and talking in gibberish. They were speaking in different tongues to a tree or something that was near it. I felt weak at my knees just witnessing that scenario. We pulled the both of them out and tried to slap some sense into them, alas, the two were in a trance, unresponsive of our calls and smacks on their faces.

That was when we heard the most terrifying blood curdling scream ever from the tree that the two were talking to! We didn’t need much encouragement as we picked ourselves up, grabbed the two idiots and ran like hell all the way to the pit.

After reaching the BBQ pit, we were all paled faced but we decided not to tell the others of our “little adventure” as we did not want to alarm them as there were girls in the group. Strangely the two blokes snapped out of their trance but were somewhat dazed and confused. A few days later, I found out that the two blokes said that the last thing they remembered was meeting a lady whose face was covered by her long hair. Creepy!

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