Ghost At Gunung Ledang

I’m gonna tell you all my stories at Mount Ophir. On 5 sept 2001 we all was going to Mount Ophir. It was our NCC trip.

We went there for three days two nights. We all were climbing the mountain for 2 hours. Once we reach our base camp, we take a rest for a short while. Me and my friend were taking a bath at the river.

At that night, me and friend were setting a fire cause that place was very cold. Soon we sat at the tree roots. We all sing a song. Then our ranger come to us and say,”If u saw a strange figure somewhere else just keep quiet and don’t anyhow shine your torch light on the sky.” We all listen to his advice.

At 10pm, I got tired so as my friends. We all were sleeping outside cause our tent were occupied. Rafi, Firdaus, Tamizi, Jalaludin and I were sleeping outside. So we all went to sleep. A few minutes we all were freezing outside. So my friend want to sing. We follow his lyric. Suddenly my friend, Rafi saw a white figure on the sky flying around.

Next, is me and Firdaus who want to go peeing at the river with a torch light. Then we were smoking at there, we shine the torch at the wrong place and we saw another figure. It was like an animal but this animal is almost like a ghost. Its keep running around and then it disappear into thin air. Firdaus and I quickly run and go to sleep.

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