Pulau Ubin Possesion

Pulau Ubin! Full of Mysteries and Myths that lies beneath the grounds of it. When the next time you had plans to visit there, take a time out, and pay respects to the ‘occupants’. We might be intruding their peace and might be in their way…..

This story happens to me when I was in Secondary Three, undergoing my NPCC ADVENTURE CUM SERGEANT COURSE back then… Here it goes..

Everything went as well as it is, on the first day. All of the camp mates, some with the haggard looking faces, and some with bubbly ones. I was tired of course after being told to do a lot of things..Then dusk falls…

It was night time and most of us thought that we could turn in early as our bones and backs were aching after the long training.

But that was our imagination. We had to go for a NIGHT WALK. Alone! And yes I mean ALONE!! Walking alone around Pulau Ubin at night was beyond everyone’s imagination. I could hear some girls and some boys scuffling and prays hard that nothing will happen to them.

While on the way to the jetty, which was quite a distance when it’s at night, I had an uncomfortable feeling enveloped me. My partner was right beside me and boy was he relaxed as though nothing happened. When we passed through the rubber plantations grounds, my hair was standing on its ends, and I had this discomfort feeling all of a sudden. But I ignore it. There was a river after that and we had to pass through it. It was a full moon day, and it was bright enough to see your reflection if you were to stand at the edge and peer in the waters.

Finally, after quite an ordeal, we managed to step our feet at the jetty, where its our starting point was..

The officer told us, no matter what happens, don’t and never look back and just keep on walking. He told us that, what the route we took earlier was the route to back to the campsite.. I thought that was the end..

One by one of my camp mates made their way to it.. Scared faces are potrayed in every each and one of them. Finally, it was my turn to follow the route. God knows how I felt that time. I felt like dying. Scared and fear, all around.

But I brave myself and believe that God will protect me, in situations like this..

All was well until, I reach the rubber plantations ground. This wasn’t my imagination at all. First I saw a mist, then followed by a sparkling light, afterwhich a lady in ‘kebaya’ appeared right in front of my eyes and waved at me… I was dumbfounded. She waved to me, wanting me to go to her.. Just about then, I heard a peircing scream and the lady turn into a horrendific creature, eyes bulging, tougues wailing and face disfigured.

When I saw that, knew she was some kind of a ‘being’ and I had to react fast, but before I could do so, I saw evrything around me was blacken and I fainted on the spot..

The next thing I knew I was in a Hospital, The infamous Old Changi Hospital. I asked them what had happened to me. They told me that they heard my screams in the woods and then someone had found me laying motionless.

But the story does not ends here When I get back home, I was bedridden for three days and the spirits kept on bugging me whenever I tried to sleep. As far as I am concerned I have did not stepped onto any ‘unforbidden’ tracks or joss sticks or offerings and offended ‘anything’ when I was at Pulau Ubin. This still remains a question for me.

My mom, who is in a state of distress of seeing me who is sick without a reason, after diagnosed by a doctor, went to seek help the traditional way, to get help from a bomoh. When I arrived at a bomoh place, suddenly I scream like hell, and wouldn’t be able to step into the house although my heart says that I need to seek refuge from this man, but my mind says no…

Three of his family members and my sister with my mom, are needed to get me inside the house. When I was inside the house, I was wrapped with a ‘kain batik’. What my mom told me was, I screamed a the top of my voice, but it wasn’t my voice, it was a lady’s voice and after which I passed out again.. My mom had told me, that the spirit was my aunt’s spirit who had passed away ten years ago and was unable to see me, before her death as I was her favourite nephew back then. So when I entered the grounds of Ubin, she was delighted and came to see me and wanted to be with me. As for my paternal side relatives used to be the occupants of Ubin before and she was there to welcome me. The bomoh comfirmed that she was a good ‘spirit’ and won’t harm me and protects over me if anything should happen to me sort of like a guardian angel.

Be it good or bad, I suffered a lot. I had lost weight and moody for weeks. I thanked the bomoh who managed to heal me and to my ‘aunt’ Aunt wherever you are, may you rest in peace. I will still remember you…

Just a word of precaution, when you walk at the rubber plantations grounds at Ubin, do not speak of anything and just keep to yourself cos my aunt resting place is at that spot and she might mistaken you for me….

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