Who Was It

This did not really happen to me, but it was related to me by friends who experienced it.

They had just finished O levels and they went out to East Coast to have an outdoor barbecue to just chill out and celebrate. There were a bunch of them, and all were rowdy.

It was very late, I think it was around 11 am, when a bunch of them decided to just sit around on the bench by the beach to enjoy the waves and the cool wind. They were joking around and laughing merrily. My friend, Liza who related the story to me said that she had asked the person beside her, Sani, to move aside a little so that it won’t be so squeezy. Sani then replied,’Ok, ok’. They continued talking.

Just a moment after, Liza saw Sani at the other side of the bench. She asked Sani,’Eh, bila masa kau pergi sana?'(means ‘when did you go to the other side?’) Sani then replied, ‘Eh, aku dari tadi kat sini, kau tak nampak?'(means ‘Eh I’ve been here since just now. You did not see me?) Liza then said to herself,’Abih tadi yang sebelah aku siapa?'(‘So who was beside me?’) They all looked at her as if she was crazy, because all that is beside her is a tree. They all then stood up silently and went back to their chalet, hiding their fear and only letting them out after the whole trip is over.

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