The Hide & Seek

It was on a thursday that my friends and i went for camp..[Well, we guys calls it TONNING..] It did happened previously that its still vivid in my mind… We arrived in the early afternoon as we took a bum boat to Ubin.. We were all glad that we arrived safely.

Suddenly, one of my friend shrieked and look at one spot of the boat. We were too tired to notice her that all of us just keep on walking to find a place to sit and set up our tent. Well, it was almost 7.30pm when we finally finish setting up. Then, again the irritating shriek let out by her again. It was irritating but eerie at the same time. We finally give up and gave all the attention to her.

Then, she starts all her crap… firstly it did sound like crap but, suddenly it did turn out eerie. She said that she saw this lady, that was very pretty so she followed that lady cause she thought that maybe that lady she saw was one of us. But suddenly, that lady that she saw before, just vanished in the corners of the boat. As she was climbing down the boat, she was shocked by the same lady that she claim as beautiful, now as ugly as a dog..[that is how ugly i can discribe things…i Hate Dogs!!] Then we all freaked out.. and i was like so scared that i sit all the way with my guy… Thankx god he was there… Anyway, we all freaked out more when all the bushes started shaking…. so i will continue again somehow… but next time, it will be better….

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