I used to study at the old Bedok North Secondary School. There is nothing out of the ordinary about it and it had a fair share of haunting stories. One of the more popular story told among students was the one about my music teacher, Miss Wang (not her real name of course).

She was a really nice teacher, kind and thoughtful. Never late for class and could sing really well. I secretly admired her and always looked forward to her classes. Not surprisingly, my class loved her too. However, one day when she was supposed to give us a lesson, she never appeared. Of course, everyone wondered why as she was never late to bring us to the music room for her lessons. Anyway, we proceeded to the music room to wait for her instead.

We were rather taken abacked when we saw Miss Wang already sitted in the middle of the music room, all alone by herself. Crying. Everybody was puzzled. For the next few days, she was always crying uncontrollably in the teacher’s office. To our dismay, she resigned 2 weeks later.

According to our form teacher, Miss Wang had an incident in the teacher’s toilet. She was washing her hands in the toilet by herself when she felt water dripping on her head. Curious, she faced the ceiling to see where it came from. What she saw made her cried for the next few days.

Directly above her was a young girl claded in a torn school uniform. She had long entangled hair like that of a used mop. Her skin looked wet with moss and her face was pale and bloodless. Her tongue sticked out from an ‘O’ shaped mouth and mucus dripped from her nose like glue. Her eyes were almost bulging out of their sockets as they fixed their view on Miss Wang. But the most disturbing part was the fact that the girl was hanging from a rope tied to her neck. “…Help…me…down…,” the gal pleaded Miss Wang.

With jelly legs, the music teacher fell to the ground and crawled out of the toilet. Till this day, no one knows who the hanging girl was and I guess she was enough reason why Miss Wang resigned.

If you happen to be a Bedok North Sec Sch(BNSS)Student, you can ask about the incident with one of the older teachers. Hope you enjoyed the story and thanks for reading!

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