Hai Sing Catholic

This story has been told by many many people who has stayed overnite or walked past our school late at night. In front of our school there is a statue of Mother Mary. She is made of only stone. They say that everynight she walks around our school. That wasn’t so bad. The worst part was when someone saw her cape( which was supposed to be made of stone) fell open…and her hair was BLACK! Everyone knows that Mother Mary’s hair is blonde. And the person who saw it wasn’t some dumb-arse idiot. It was a NCC dude.

And our hall is always occupied when students stay overnite. One nite…at NCC camp…some guy was sleeping in the hall beside the piano. Then…suddenly…he heard sounds coming from it..but no one was there! He was so afraid that he actually peed in his pants. Another on happened when this guy slept facing the gallery railings. He woke up one nite suddenly, to see a pair of black hairy hands gripping the railing. He was so shocked when he saw that that he almost shouted out loud.

This happens to one of the NCC guy…On the night of their camp, it is a traditional game for campers to play in school…It is the solo-night….They have to walk around the school in total darkness and some of them have to acted out as ghost to scares the others…Well…when they managed to pass that station, they have to sign their name…This unfortunate guy…Have to sign his name at the Library locker…So he went there to sign his name…Much to his surprised, while he was signing, one of the locker’s door was banging. It was very loud..Look as if someone was trying to get out of it…Well…he didn’t do anything, except run for his life…

At the same time…another group experienced things too…It happen in the homec room…They need to get down from the 3rd level…So they have to pass the room…While passing, one of the guys heard a sewing machine being used…So he peep in the room…And my god he saw a ‘lady’ in white was sewing her own hand..!!!! He then tapped the others beside him…All of them look at the ‘lady’…Somehow the ‘lady’ notice them and smile at them…Jialat! Then some of them run away except 4 one…he stay a bit longer and say ‘Peace to ur Momma!’…and he ran away laughing…

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