The Paper

My Senior had told me this story and right now, I still get the creeps when I think of it. It had happened in my old school building nearly twenty years ago…….

The building was newly build,there were two girls who had decided to stay back after school to finish their homework. After finishing , they took a nap, when they woke up, it was late evening, one of the girls, went to the toilet to refresh up while the other stayed in the classroom . When the other girl was about to enter the classroom, the door went shut. The school DID not install any locks in the door then.She was about to go to the window when the sill went shut too. With both doors shut and windows shut .She called for help. Her friend inside the classroom began to scream as the lights began to flicker oddly.Stuck inside the classroom, her friend put against the wall a table to communicate with her friend.Something began to go wrong then. Somehow, she stumbled,she fell backwards and her got sliced off by the fan.Her head got stuck on the wall above the this moment, the doors threw open and the other girl looked inside and screamed.The school looked for priest to appease the ghost but failed as the ghost had died unjustly. In the end they just stuck a piece of red paper over the stain to appease her.

Till now , it is said that if you tear the paper, bloob flows out……….

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