Jalan Bahtera

This story is based on events happened to me one fine day. I remembered it was about 2-3 years back. I was then having a camp in the MOE which is in Jalan Bahtera. The camp was going to last for 1 week and every day we would be having different activities such getting to know each other or night walk around the camp.

As it is an old camp, it wasn’t exactly surprising to see lots of bats residing in dark corners of the building and even in the toilets which was near to some obstacles ground. For me I was never a believer of anything supernatural so I never thought of anything spooky when i found biting marks on my lower abdomen. It looked more like rashes and as i do not have history of skin problem i just ignored it. But must to my surprise, after the camp, the marks seems to stay and the bruise doesn’t seems to cure. So i spoke to my mum and she brought me to consult a medium who confirme it to be some kind of bitings from spirits who probably lived in those bats in my camp. After burning some joss paper/stick, sure enough the marks disappeared and healed completely.

Another incident happend during the camp was during one of the night walks, at around 8pm we were suppose to form a group of 7 in a straight line with guys at the front and back with ladies in between. As i was the first leading guy equipped with a dog stick, lead my group through a dense ticket with a narrow path. As stated in the first ver due to sensitivity, feeling the air is getting cooler and damper. This lasted throughout the walk, additional of the howls of dogs next to us(in the tickets) but we can’t even see a single dog though it sound very near to us. Told the group to hold hands in case of break off. Above of that, told them to do a head count wispering to the one at the back. Despite of that, I still lost one girl in the middle of the line yet the one in front of her claimed that she had never let of her hand. Search party was formed. The searched lasted for 3 hour. Around 11pm++ one group of the search party found her of her weeping sound, She stood all the while in the tickets where ! we heard the howls. She told us that I lead them to into the tickets were the howls were coming from and was told to stood down there and close her eyes which was not TRUE! The guy who was right behind of me can vouch for me. So it was really spooky and from then on, no more night walks were conducted in the camp as i was told.

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