The Bell

Primary school days were the best times when we used to have fun running around and exploring places that not many have been to. This place where we were always curious about as students in my school was an old school building located somewhere beside a busy expressway about 5 minutes walk from my school.

Being a prefect once, stories from seniors may come as long as like a ‘hundred yrs ago’. This primary school of mine has really got a history of more than a hundred years u see, and the old site was around since WW2. (believe me lah.. really!) At the highest level, there is this tower where the school bell was hung. The heavy brass bell the was hung at the tip of the tower. No one could reach it without using a ladder. Every morning the head prefect will ring the bell manually [an old rope hangs from i]. It takes 4 flights of steps to reach the tower and it is quite away from the crowded classrooms on the forth level. One day, during morning assembly, it was said that the bell did not ring at the required time.When the principle tasked the assistant prefect to go up and find out what has happened, he found the head prefect hanging from the old frayed rope that was normally used to ring the bell. OK, think logically, there was no way the prefect could hang himself as the rope was short and old. Furthermore, the bell was hung at the middle of the tower and if the guy were to try and hang himself, the rope could not even be easily reachable.

Since then, a teacher had to accompany a prefect to ring the bell .But each time another head prefect took over to go up and ring the bell, they could actually hear moaning and groaning noises at the tower. Well as for me, I was one of those curious people who went up there in the year 1992 with some friends during a camp. Tell u, i will not wanna go up there again. Althought the bell has since been relocated to the first level… the old and dilapidated tower was always locked by a wooden door. When we broke the door, we heard noises that was once described to us by our seniors immediately and needless to say, we all ran down and never did want to go to that mysterious and isolated area again. Today, the bell still hangs on the first level of the old school building. No one is utilising the school now as it has moved to a nearby site 2 years ago, however the old building has since been abandoned and kept vacant. Maybe ghostly wannabes can still go look look see see the bell that still hangs there.Or maybe even attempt to venture to this tower that can be clearly seen from the expressway.

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