Hao Xiong Di

Hong kah secondary school which located opposite Blk 437, jurong west st 41. I remeber that night, around 2 plus in the morning. I lived in my classmate house to discuss a teamwork project so we have to stay overnight. That night is a quiet night but something happen which make us remeber it forever.

After we finish our project, we decided to take a nap as we all are too tired so we switch off the light. After few min, while we are about to fall asleep, we heard someone knocking the door. That moment our mind are confused cos it was night 3 plus, how could someone knock the dooor at this hour. We are curious about this so we decided to take a look at the peep hole.S urprisingly we saw a sort of tamil guy outside the door. He is wearing a red colour shirt with a quite a pale face. So we open the door to look wat the guy want duing this time but………..he disappered in thin air! We are so scared, we slam the door hard enough that the neighbour are able to hear. We did not sleep through out the night until sun rises.

After that, my friend told us that before his parent buy this apartment, someone had commit sucide in the corner of the house. He is wearing a red shirt and a red underwear. He is a chinese but has a black complexion. They call them “Hao xiong di”

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