Unforgettable Camp

I came from Kranji Secondary School. I started to join Ncc which stands for National Cadet Corps…For Four years in that school, i have been to so many camps…But i never really believe in ghost when this last sec four camp which took place in seletar camp organise by the National Cadet Corps headquaters..

It was about 2230 hours when the cadets were told to have the bath and the light out is at 1130 hour. My friend n i were told to do night duty….We were walking around and checking to make sure the cadet have fall a sleep when suddenly we hear a little boy crying….So my friend were searching for that crying noise…We were wondering who’s child can it be….So the next day we report to the officer than the officer told us that this place use to be a place where the kampong area took place and people were kill during that time…..or war….I am now lucky to have finish secondary school life. I am in ITE BISHAN now continuing my studies……..I will no forget that scary event….

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