Haunted At Disneyland

I happen to work at Disneyland as a caterer. Setting up a party anywhere in the resort that serves food up to health department standards is pretty time-consuming, and I’ve literally been at work all hours of the night. My department has slow periods in which we’re scheduled to work in other areas of the park, just to give us extra hours. I’v forgotten to know a great many people, many of whom have been at the park long enough to know some nice little secrets.

Disneyland relies on having a good reputation as a family place, meaning whenever someone gets hurt or killed, the Corporates dish out ass loads of money to shut witnesses and family members up. It’s a pretty common business practice. Ever hear of someone getting injured or killed at Disneyland? No? Exactly. As safe as Disneyland tries to keep itself, several people have died at the park, and a lot of good ghost stories have popped up over the years.

For example, people who have worked at the Haunted Mansion for long enough can tell you about some of the poo poo that goes on there. Really. The irony makes it seem stupid, but when the Haunted Mansion was originally being built in the 50’s or whenever, it’s said that an actual female skeleton was found. The builders really couldn’t explain who it was or where it came from, it was just there. They kept quiet and finished the building. Since then, cast members working there have said that they sometimes see a woman in white after the park is closed. She never really causes any problems, just the disappearing act. The part about this particular story that gives me the creeps just imagining is that when the cast members do a walk-through of the ride to make sure all the park guests are gone at the end of the night, there’s a little figure of a woman in white that gives the guests a “spooky” goodbye, along the lines of “Thanks for visiting! We’re dying to have you come back!” in this sultry and creepy voice. Every loving person who works there that I’ve talked to says that sooner or later, she’ll call your name as you walk by. If your name is Bob, she’ll say “Goodnight, Bob!” If you’re named Spongebob, it’ll be “Goodnight Spongebob”. You get the picture.

The park keeps radios with specific channels for each department. My department happens to share the same channel as the attractions people. A couple years ago on the crappy Roger Rabbit ride in Toontown, a girl in a red dress climbed out of her bumper car (before they used the safety harnesses), got run over, and died. Her parents are now rich. Every once in a while, though, a guest will complain that a guest in a red dress is walking around the attraction outside of her car. The people in charge of the ride have to stop the ride and make an announcement over the radio that a little girl in a red dress is walking around inside the attraction. It usually takes fire and brimstone to shut down a ride, but guest safety is a big issue, so they have to announce it before they shut down the ride. They never find anyone inside the ride, but the girl still gets seen every once in a while, and it inevitably gets announced over the radio. Strangest poo poo you’ll hear if you know what’s going on.

The park has changed attractions considerably over the years, some for safety, some for modernization, and they take some out altogether to make room for something new. Anyways, we’re required as employees to wear an attraction-specific uniform which we refer to as “costumes”. These costumes change with the times and the attractions as well. One popular ride in Tomorrowland was called “The People Mover”, another one of those lame-assed futuristic concepts people in the 50’s came up with, which is roughly equivalent to a gondola riding along a track. Whoopty-loving-doo. A few years ago, fairly recently, actually, the People Mover was replaced by another attraction called “Rocket Rods”. It doesn’t run any more, but the tracks are still in place all over Tomorrowland. It was pretty much like it sounds: rockets riding along a track. AT least it was faster than the People Mover. One day Rocket Rods broke down. It happens. Guests weren’t allowed to wander out of their cars and onto the track because of safety and liability reasons. The cast members working the ride would instead walk along the track and let the people know that they would be moving again shortly, even if they weren’t. One cast member was in this situation and started making his rounds. He got a few cars out of the way and everything was routine until the occupants of one car informed him that “Brian” had already checked on them and that they were fine. The cast member shrugged it off as being one of his friends who may have been wearing the wrong name tag that had gone ahead of him. Wanting to find out, ther cast member went up to the next few cars and received the same response: “Brian has already checked on us”. The cast member asked what Brian looked like, because he hadn’t remembered any of his friends going ahead of him on the tracks. He had the guests recall what Brian had been wearing. The costume they had described was exactly that of the People Mover, a costume that had long-since been retired and wasn’t available to check out any more. We’ve never really been able to figure out who Brian was or if he had actually ever worked there.

Before the Innoventions building was renovated, it was roughly the shape of a cross with 4 equal sides rotating slowly inside a circle. The fit between the two shapes as the wall enclosed them was pretty tight. Innoventions rotates at about 1 mph, which anyone can easily catch up to if they walk even slowly. A cast member one day was trying to catch up to the audience she was going to lead on a tour inside the building but was about to be closed off from them as they rotated inside the building. It was only 1 mph, so she figured she could slip inside the gap before the wall closed the gap. She was wrong. In full view of the audience, the cast member was caught in between the two walls and was stuck until she was cut cleanly in half by the platform that rotated at 1 loving mph. Well, not very cleanly. Anyways, one year to the day later, Innoventions suddenly stopped working. They couldn’t get the platform to work regardless of what they tried. It started up again as quickly as it had stopped, but they hadn’t done any repairs to it and cannot to this day explain what had happened.

This final story is pretty funny, as opposed to the not-scaryness of the stories above. A friend of mine who also happens to be one of my lower-level bosses was cleaning up an old area in Frontierland called the Big Thunder Ranch that’s closed to the general public but is still used by our department as a picnic venue. We do pretty well there. There are bathrooms that are specially set aside for cast members in backstage (out of the view of guests) areas, but once the park is closed no one really gives a drat where you crap. My friend used the guest bathroom at about 2am, long after all the guests had left, and he was completely by himself. He was using one of those automatic-flush urinals, so he thought very little of the fact that all the toilets in the bathroom began flushing at once. He thought it was some automatic timer or something that had set them off. One toilet in the far back, a sit-down type, continued flushing even after all the other toilets had died down. After he had finished, my friend went to investigate the back toilet, which was flushing louder and louder. He stopped and ran out of the bathroom after he saw a shadow move inside the cubicle. He was completely alone at the time, and didn’t care if he looked like a wussy. A few days later during the daytime, he went back into the bathroom as a joke to see if anything would happen. He had found out from a tech guy that the toilets don’t have an automatic flushing system, and that he might have been mistaken. My friend checked out the last stall to see if there were any more “boogiemen” haunting it, but was actually pretty loving scared when he saw that the last toilet was not an automatic flusher; it was the type you flush by hand!

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