Haunted American Stories

It seems that some time in the mid 70’s, a young man was studying in a private carol on the top floor (It’s basicaly a small study room that they hold a lottery for each semester and let one senior have to themselves for the year). Campus Safety came through and did what they always do, which is yell “closing time” and then give anyone in the carols 5 minutes or so to get out of the carols and the building before turning off the lights. Wonderboy was either asleep at the time, didn’t hear them, or didn’t care and wound up locked in the library after closing. He was found the next morning, huddled in the far corner of his carol muttering “they’re not real,” a statement that his bloody fingernails attested to by having scratched it into the desk in the room. The reason that they went looking into his carol in the first place was because campus security had noticed “leave us alone” scratched into the glass on the outside, and the furniture piled up against the door on the inside.

In Newcomb hall, a schitzophrenic girl killed herself, also in the late 70’s. Her ghost now manifests by creating the sound of “dropping marbles” in the closet, which can be heard in the room below, shutting the lights off in her old room, turning off the equipment and supposedly responding to student concerns, such as “leave the light on for 1/2 hour more.” This ghost is known to get obnoxious when someone it doesn’t like is in the room, usually males that are considered “unsafe” for a girl to be alone with on campus (it’s a liberal campus, so we’re not talking will try to get into your pants, we’re talking will try to get you drunk so they can get into your pants).

In Pauley, the ghost on the first floor has been known to physically assault males overstepping their boundaries on its floor. It’s believed to be the spirit of a girl who was sexually assaulted or raped in the early 80’s and killed herself as a result of the depression this tragedy caused.

Lastly, in Haines, there is the ghost of a young man who wanders around the halls on weekends, perpetually seeking the party that he could never find in life. Apparently this is the ghost of the freshman who died of alchohol poisoning in the early 90’s (I used to even know his name) in Haines hall. He’d been drinking, and Haines is a labyrinth when you’re sober, so this young fellow got lost and wound up in the laundry room, the only basement level area, near the doors of no one. He died down there of alchohol poisoning a few hours later, and was found the next morning; now his spirit forever seeks the safety of the party he wandered away from and never found again.

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