Car Roll Upwards

I live in United States and I have a story to tell about a place near where I stay. There is a section of road in my city, that was once known as “Gravity Hill.” It was so-named, because things that could roll, would roll UP the hill. (I always felt it was misnamed, and should have been Anti-Gravity Hill, but oh well)

I’m not going to bother posting the urban legend that is the narrative of Gravity Hill, because we have all heard it a million times, in some form or another… ghost pushes car, blah blah blah.

Anyhoo… When I was 24, I heard about Gravity Hill, and didn’t believe it, so I went and checked it out. If you fully stopped in front of the old mailbox, put the car in neutral, and released the brake, you would roll up the hill. I tried it, and sure enough, it worked.

One night, I was driving a bunch of girls in my car, to a party. They all wanted to ride with me cause I had the cool car, a royal blue 92 Pontiac Firebird, with t-tops. Gravity Hill was on the way there, so I told them the story, and then they all wanted to try it.

We stopped at the mailbox, put it in neutral, and released the brake. We started up the hill, slowly gaining speed as we ascended. The girls were all squeaking in excitement and being creeped out. Then I had an idea. I said, “Let’s try it backwards!”

So, I turned around, went back to the mailbox, but in the opposite lane, and did it again. Backwards worked too. By now, the 4 girls were about pissing their panties. Then I really worked it.

I had been having some car trouble, but I hadn’t told anyone about it. The third time we started getting pushed up the hill, they couldn’t take it anymore were all screaming for me to get us out of there, cause they were scared to death. I turned the key… phhht… uht oh, for them, haha. Try again, r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r, sputter, phhht. I said something like, “Oh great, it must be the ghost” RrRrRrRrRRrr….phhht. By now they bouncing around like rubber balls in my car, and squeaking enough to almost shatter the glass, LOL. RrRrRRrrrr vRRRRRROOOOM….

I think I had at least two of them in tears by the time the engine finally kicked in. LMAO. God that was fun.

Gravity Hill no longer exists. A subdivision bought that land, and graded the road down a few feet, so you can’t even see a hill anymore. I don’t know if it still works, because that road has become so ridiculously busy now, that even at 3 am, you risk getting rear-ended by trying that stunt. It used to be a farm road. Now the whole thing is where the richey-rich upper middle class live in $250,000 – 500,000+ homes

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