Green Color Hands

This friend of a college buddy of mine grew up knowing this kid in the neighborhood where he lived. His family lived in an old house dating back to at least the Civil War. Besides himself, he had 2 sisters, and they all had their own bedrooms as I recall.

The youngest child always complained that every night a pair of green hands would come out of the wall at approximately 10:45 PM. She’d throw a fit and it was difficult for the parents to get her to sleep in the bedroom. She was only about 5 or 6 at the time, so the rest of the family would blow it off as manufactured kid’s stuff.

Now the problem was that the complaints never subsided. After a couple of years, the father grew weary of it and had the entire family sitting in the youngest child’s bedroom one night, determined to prove to her that these “imaginary hands” were just that, imaginary.

Low and behold, at approximately 10:45 PM the entire family witnessed the green hands emerge from a wall in the daughter’s bedroom, and scratch incessantly against it for several minutes. I was told they all freaked out.

The next day the father studied the wall inside the room, then went outside and looked at her bedroom from the yard. Something just didn’t look right, so he went back into the bedroom and knocked on the wall. It sounded hollow. He punched a hole in the wall and was astonished to find a crawlspace behind it. He removed the wall and found a human body; it had been sealed inside by the extra wall.

The body was removed a given a burial, and the green hands never appeared again.

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