The Missing Child

I once visited a college friend in a small Central PA community called Waynesboro, not too far West of the Gettysburg battlefield. This friend introduced me to a high school buddy of his who offered up this astounding story.

While still in High School, this buddy was driving his car to school early in the morning with his friend in the passenger seat. This area is sparsely populated with a lot of old architecture dating back to Pre-Revolutionary War. He was ascending a country road, driving up a hill toward an old house. The road split the house and the garage at the top of the hill.

The first glimpse of what was to come was when both occupants saw a bright light appear over the garage. Next, my friend’s buddy described this light as leaping high in the air, and would land on the hood of his car. He was spooked beyond belief as he & his passenger witnessed this light take shape.

To the best of my memory, the guy described this: The light was a woman who was leaning on her hands and peering into the windshield at them. They could actually visualize her hair and facial features, and they remembered that she looked full of sorrow and was weeping profusely. They also recounted that her mouth was unnaturally large and looked as though she was screaming in agony.

At this point, I was told that the car stalled and began rolling back down the hill to rest at the bottom. Before the car reached that point, the ghostly woman leaped off the hood of the car and flew around in the air for a few moments before disappearing.

This guy remembered shaking with fear, starting his car and getting the hell out of there. He drove to school and went directly to see a history teacher to tell him what happened. Apparently the teacher was well-versed on the local history, and wanted to see his car.

The guy took him outside and was astonished to see 2 faded marks on the hood where he presumed the hands of the woman touched it. It was then that the history teacher told him what happened at this house.

During the Revolutionary War, the husband left his pregnant wife at home to go fight in the war. While away, a Native American tribe descended upon the town and attacked the residents. Supposedly the tribe murdered the woman and aborted the fetus. It is believed that her spirit still inhabits the property, searching for her missing child.

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