Haunted Downtown East Chalet

This happened to me, true story, but my minds fuzzy on certain parts and I’ve pieced them together with some phone calls to my friends after the incident.

To be exact we were bunking out in a chalet at Downtown East at Pasir Ris it was right at the end of the place, I recalled it was block J or E, room 206 and 7/8. Not really sure, anyway, it was conjoining single rooms.

Me and the rest of the guys went ahead and took a swim while the gals all prepared the barbecue. We did some really stupid stuff, like my friend wearing diapers instead of swimming trunks to swim. LOL!

So we trooped back to the chalet after roughly an hour of lazing in the pool, only to see the girls all bunched together, all staring intently into our chalet rooms.

“Oi! What happened?”

My friend asked, they didn’t answer, just asked us to keep quiet. So curious, we joined them in what they were trying to look at. I whispered to my friend.

“Bloody hell, what you bodohs doing?”

“There’s something in the chalet…”

As you know DTE Pasir Ris has chalets that have a BBQ pit, followed by the pathway, so we were on the pathway, looking into the small gap in between the wall and the curtain, suddenly, something white flashed by and went into the wall.

The girls screamed and ran, we just yelled and ran too, but at this point I simply blacked out. At this point, trusting my friends, they said I was running with them, but I was like on auto-pilot, very zombie-like, not like the usual me. When I regained consciousness, I was lying on my friend’s lap and she was watching the guys as they played the XBOX.

My head was throbbing hard, I was in pain, so I asked my friend what happened and why I was lying on her lap.

“You don’t recall?”

“No, that’s why I’m asking…”

She told me I said it was safe as long as we either ignore it or be friendly *which I didn’t recall saying*, and we all trooped back to the chalet to no more encounters. What I had a problem was, this whitish thing was still hanging around, I could faintly detect it, like something you notice at the corner of your eye but once you turn to look, it disappears.

2 Days passed with us having the usual fun, I kept feeling suspicious as I knew it was still hanging around us. When it was time to check out, we were cleaning up, so I decided to check under the bed if we’ve dropped anything under it.

I recalled seeing a face staring back at me. IT was a little kid. I blacked out at this point. When I woke up, I was lying on the bed with my friends looking at me.

“Oi you! Why suddenly old man issit? why you faint sia? first time I see…”

“Aiyah dun bother me, just shaddup and let’s leave.”

I knew who the whitish thing was already and I had no intention of staying near him any longer.

“You acting damn kua zhang, relax leh? Go drink some beer or something…”

We had some cans left over so I got one and drank half of it in one gulp. The rest I sipped quietly the rest of the way. I left first, not wanting to be near the chalet any longer and helped the gang deposit the keys. We had lunch at the food court.

“Hey, you know what That’s kid damn helpful seh! I asked him if he saw my CD, he immediately found it!”

I got chills down my spine, what kid?

“What kid?”

“The little kid! You were out that time, he came through the door and asked if we needed help.”

I knew immediately knew which kid it was and quietly finished my curry rice. I had high fever for the whole of next week.

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