Dirty Chalet

Believe it or not, I can hear “things”. But after my grandmother passed away, I ceased to believe in them. So I don’t hear them anymore or maybe I did, but dismissed them off as hallucinations…

Anyways, I remained skeptical about ghosts until some incidents that happened in a chalet…

The chalet, I won’t say which one is it but it’s unit B13. A two-story chalet. From here, I think a lot of you might know which one is it already.

My friend(T) actually organised this chalet for her school’s club and asked me to go since I know some of them and there was only 2 girls staying over. The other girl(A) won’t stay if I won’t so I agreed.

The first night, there was only 6 of us staying over. 1 of the guys( B ) insisted to stay upstairs in the room with the girls and since the two beds were big enough to accommodate 4 people, we let the guy sleep with us while the other two slept on two mattresses downstairs.

There was only 2 blankets. We stuffed one of them in between the bed crack so there was only one left. The other one, the A and B shared. We went to sleep.

The side I was sleeping at, had a small walking space and the wall. There is a window facing my head, overlooking the first story.

So at night, I woke up. But for some reason, I woke up with my eyes close. But I could see a “shadow” in the shape of a human standing right in front of me, blocking the window. I didn’t dare to open my eyes and instead, i turned to the other side, facing T.

The next morning, we were told that A actually woke up in the night, intending to take a night walk herself. B instinctively woke up as he was sleeping at the other edge of the bed. He proceed to follow her but she didn’t want him to and pushed him back to sleep. He insisted and eventually, she relented since it was after midnight. After their walk, they came back and sat at the staircase, looking at the other 2 guys sleep. B being tired, fell asleep on A’s lap. But after a while, A remembered that T and I didn’t have a blanket so she wanted to go to the room and tuck us in.

A opened the room door, and found out that the blanket was already covering us nicely. As if a third person spread the blanket nice and evenly over us. If we were cold and groggy, we would have just pulled the blanket over us instead of making it neat and tidy. So it was very strange.

But we didn’t think much about that incident. Since if “it” wants to harm us, it wouldn’t tuck us in. o.o

Then, the second night, there were more people. All of us were downstairs playing murderer. A decided that she wanted to go up to the room to rest and so she did, alone.

Not long after, T heard a step behind her. Because some of the wooden planks on the stairs were loose, there would be a *kok* sound if someone steps on them. And that was what T heard. But nobody was going up, so T dismissed it.

But soon, A came down and cried on T’s shoulder. She said that being tired from reading, she laid the book on her face and shut her eyes. But, she felt “someone” touching a side of her head. If the book moved, both sides of her head would feel it but she felt only one side. After that, we stopped our games and “went to sleep”. Some guys as usual, stayed downstairs and a lot more went upstairs with us. So much so that the room was very crowded. But none of us in the room even slept. A kept looking at the ceiling the whole night.

The next morning, we packed up. All of us were downstairs then suddenly, I heard a loud sniff from upstairs. Being curious, I went up with another guy to check and sure enough, nobody was upstairs. We left soon.

After we left, B confessed to us that he’s rather sensitive to the spiritual stuffs. As soon as we stepped into the chalet, he could felt that there’s something wrong. And when he stepped into the room, the feeling got stronger. Thus he insisted to sleep with us, using air-con as an excuse that time.

This incident only left me a half believer. There’s another one. Think I’ll type that out another day or something.

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