Chalet Ghost

This happened to me back in 1985, when i was 11 years old, I will never forget this. I went to one of those chalets which had alphabets indexing. I remembered it has stairs leading up to a small room. We were there to celebrate one of my cousin’s birthday. After the BBQ, all my cousins went up to the bedroom upstairs and gathered together to tell ghost stories. I remembered that I grew restless and kept asking stupid questions, till my cousin ask me to ” shut up”, feeling pissed i decided to leave the room.

However before leaving the room, suddenly I heard a heavy breathing sound which was coming from the corner of the room. It was those sound that sounded like “someone being stabbed and bleeding to death, heavy breathing”. I remember that during that time I wasn’t afraid but more curious instead. Later when the rest of the cousin left, my family was one of the last to stay behind to clean up. I was bored and decide to “investigate” what that “sound” was. Going up to the room , I remember I was feeling a little scared and left the door ajar. At first , I didn’t hear the heavy breathing sound , then it came again, this time it was very clear to me “the sound” was coming from that corner of the room. It was so clear that i could hear it coming from a certain spot, I stared really hard but couldn’t see anything at all. Suddenly, the door slam shut, i got frighten and ran out of the room and stairs. My dad saw me and ask me what happened, i told it was nothing.

Later when I was going home and we were walking towards the car, i remember that I kept feeling something on my shoulder, its like someone touching you very gently on your shoulder..or like there was cobwebs on your shoulder feeling. And I kept trying to brush it. My dad saw it and asked me, “Why you keep scratching your shoulder? , it was only when my dad swept my shoulder then the feeling went off. I didn’t think of it as when i reach the car, was so tired I fell asleep.

Remember that when i came home, I was so tired that i quickly washed up and when to bed. Remembered that somehow when I laid on my bed, I was lying very straight, with my both hands on my side. ( to this day, I am afraid to sleep with both hands on my side ) then as i was drifting off to sleep, I heard the heavy breathing sound again! I started to panic and my eyelid were very heavy, just about closing and there it was, in front of me, I saw this white outline smoke standing looking down at me. I screamed but somehow my mouth and my body just froze and I couldn’t breath, I felt as if this thing was pressing against me. In that few moments, I remembered this song which I used to learn in church where it thought me how to cast out evil spirits and i shouted, just to hear myself suddenly coming back to life, shouting out the last word and sweating profusely. I remembered that before sleeping I saw the clock it was 1205 and when I looked at it again, it was 1205 but somehow I felt that it was like 20 mins or more. That night, I remembered that i was so afraid that I prayed till I fell asleep.

Later in the morning, I asked my mum and sister if she heard me shouting, she said yes and ask me why? I told them and they told me that it was probably a bad dream since I wasn’t too sure it was asleep or half awake. in the following nights, I could sometimes hear the heavy breathing sound and each time i heard it i will start to pray and then i don’t hear it anymore.

Very soon, i started to “get used to it” since nobody believe me, I decided to keep it to myself,

It was until 2 weeks later, in the evening around 830 pm, I was fully awake doing my tuition work when suddenly, I heard the “heavy breathing sound” I got a shock and I was doing my tuition work in front of a mirror and i looked up at the mirror, just to see “it” a white smoke outline of a figure drifting into my room, and there it was, standing behind me. This time, I remembered that I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t imagining things and I turned around and stared at it for at least 3 seconds.

Strangely, I wasn’t that frighten during that time and this time, I shouted really loudly to cast it away, then I saw it drifted out of the window. Because i shouted so loudly, my dad thought I was crazy. and that was the last time I ever saw it again .

Many years later , my sister and I happened to talk about ghost stories and we happened to talk about this incident again. Back then, she always told me that it was a bad dream that I had, then she told me actually after that incident, she also saw it but she didn’t tell anyone because she thought no one would believe her, she didn’t tell me back then because she didn’t want me to be afraid more than I should.

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