Pasir Ris Chalet

Well, I simply don’t believe in sucha thing call Ghost, but eventually we had seriously feel ‘it’ but there were no site of ‘them’.

First we went to the chalet with afew people, having holidays so relaxing there is like so common to us.

While watching TV, we couldn’t remember the time. One of my fren said, ” Why air-con drip water ” I went to have a look its like… Nothing dripping.

So we didn’t seems to bother, we push the bed to another side, where there is a space between the air-con & the bed. Even if its dripping water don’t go flying right?

So watching half way, my friend then repeated. ” Why is there water dripping? ” So first reaction we could do is looking upwards. But there are nothing there, we thought that he was playing a fool. & of cause I said ” If you do that again ‘it’ will sleep before you for tonight! ‘ But all he reply was I didn’t. So I lie on the bed where my friend is lying on. Awhile later I did realize then the so call ‘water’ drip on me like ONE DROP. So I seriously got shock. I stand up and stare at the top, there wasn’t any sign of water, there wasn’t anything.

Then we remember, its the 7th month now, so we all kept quiet & leave the bed alone. What I’m here to say its. Not everybody in this world can see ‘them’ so don’t assume.

You all should know what ‘water’ is that dripping on us.

So believe it or not, before you enter a chalet or even hotel Please do Knock at the door & say We’re coming in.

So that ‘they’ knew we are here to stay & we don’t like if people just came in without knock right? Same goes to them

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